St. Tinny

Tinny is Love
His name is St. Tinny
He's the leader of the town
Few people worship him
Most think he's a clown

His head is made of metal
His head is made of tin
His head is so air tight
No knowledge can get in

Tinny's head is rusting
He's getting very old
He rattles when he walks
On the streets of gold

He used to be successful
Until he wanted it all
His lust for more and more
Was his great downfall

He used to get away with things
Before he rose to power
Now his power leaked away
Like a golden shower

Let this be a lesson
One that you should heed
Be careful what you wish
Use only what you need


He was the boy
With the horns on his head
Complexion bizarre
Bright Bronzer Red

A Kreepy Klass Klown
With no class at all
The fatter they are
The harder they fall

An ex New Yorker
Who painted the town
His midas touch
Turned everything brown

All of his suck ups
All of his Ted's
Couldn't put Krappy back
In the White House again

Good riddance
To bad rubbish
Be very careful
What you wish

When your ego
Is 10 stories tall
It gets in the way
Causing your downfall