Zero Three See
Means you're out of memory
You must re-IPL
To break this evil spell

Control Alt Delete
The reboot is complete
Now you're on your way
Go about your day

Hold the button down
The cell phone will rebound
When it doesn't compute
You must reboot

The Flying Time Paradox

Time flies when you're having fun
Therein lies the quirk
You want to have more time for fun
But that's not how it works

The more time that you get
The faster that extra time flies
Its better than the alternative
Your life you could despise

If you want more time
Live your life in misery
Then the days will never end
Just you wait and see

I'll take fast but fun
That's always been my plan
Live a super fast happy life
Enjoy it while you can

The American J6 Putsch

America truly is on very near the same path as Nazi Germany. I noticed someone else has written about this. Pay no attention to the shill who claims its not like the rise of the Nazis because the GOP and Orange Julius gave tons of money to Israel. Its as close to being exactly the same as can be – just with an American twist. The basics are all there.

I despise all politicians and politics, but this one is too close to the bone – this time its personal. Amazing how Americans forget or otherwise ignore history. Apathy and Ignorance Kills. Politicians are in it for the power and money, but things can go terribly wrong.

My family left Germany in 1926
Grandpa hated the Nazis
He put his family on a ship
He already had made that trip

He came to America first
As Germany became a rotting Wurst
Through Ellis Island New York
They arrived on the SS Yorck

They left my Aunt behind
She was offered to her Aunt
Who couldn't have babies herself
My Aunt felt like a doll on a shelf

My Aunt later immigrated
The Nazis she also hated
Arrived in 34
She escaped before The War

My Father landed
On the beach at Normandy
Operation Overlord
They all jumped out overboard

He drove back to his birth home
Stuttgart where they dropped their bombs
Gave his Grandpa a ride in his Jeep
Blood is thicker than water it seems

Our Cancerous American GOP
Led by Dung Throwing Chimpanzees
Is on the same dark path
As Germany in the past

Secrets of The Eye Thing

A crazy secret Klan
Headed by one man
Who had a stupid plan
Thwarted by a Dan

The plan it made no sense
The ruler was too dense
Grifting dollars and cents
Ended up with half a pence

His organs went to rust
His brain a copper crust
His fortune going bust
He's fading into dust


Secrets of the Eye Thing
The I of ID with Ego
Be careful what you wish
Hate is a cold dish