The Lewis Kids Cave Grave

Photo by Mad Hare Imagery
It seemed so real
The sad way
It made me feel
The death of a child
Buried alive

In the fair town
Of Newton
I felt like Rasputin
A big fish
In a small town

When I'd walk
Through the cemetery
At night to Scouts
Halstead Street School
Ghosts? I had my doubts

There in the rocks
I was scared,
I was shocked
I heard a dull moan
Of those not full grown

I pointed my flashlight
On the rocks in the night
Unto my squinted site
A headstone I spied
It didn't seem right

It wasn't a dream
But tragically real
The headstone I read
Of three children
Who lie here dead

This is a true story. I really did walk past this grave on my way to middle school. A fun website that mentions this is here:

Family Plot

Step inside
My newfound friend
Its the beginning
Not the end

There's a family plot
At the front of the house
Not a creature is stirring
Not even a mouse

The burial ground
Has been disturbed
Don't you worry
She's not perturbed

They say she wanders
Around at night
Giving the living
Quite a fright

The Late Arrival

We've been waiting for you
All these years
As you posed
In store windows
For people to see

We knew it would take time
For you to
Take these steps
Climb these stairs
To your eternal rest

My Old Friend

Where have you gone?
My old friend
They used to call you

When I was young
I knew it all
Now I know nothing
'Cept common sense

Radio Mercy

Sister of Mercy
"We're only human"
She said to Him
"Take a vacation
From yourself"

"Count your blessings
Not your curses
After all
Many have it much worse"

I guess shes right
I am that He
I forgive myself
"Right" said she

I was reminded this week that sometimes we can be a little too hard on ourselves. A few years back someone said the magic phrase “Take a vacation from yourself”.

Words worth a song for sure!

I mean, things could be a lot worse …