Autumn’s Last Stand!

Like a fireworks show
They've saved the best for last
My neighbors Smoke Tree
Can't be surpassed

Its almost Christmas
Its a gift from Heaven
Or Father Christmas
And its turned up to eleven

The best gifts in life are free
Just like this tree
All you have to do
Is open your eyes and see

Buckeye Christmas Tree

The Buckeye Tree With Christmas Ornament
There's something 
That I missed
All these years
A new source of bliss

I opened my eyes
Lo and behold
Up in the trees
A new story to be told

What had seemed
Like just a Winter Tree
Now took on new meaning
At least new to me

While others shiver
In the Winter cold
With my camera
I'm mining gold

With all leaves gone
Autumn's leaf shroud lifted
What is underneath
Makes me feel like a thief

In this special scene
Less is certainly more
What I see now
I didn't see before

You stay forever young
When you open your eyes
Things you never saw
Are a new surprise

Pagan Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree
Is outside
In our front yard
It's leaves are starting to dry

It's leaves are bright crimson
Next to grass of green
A Pagan Christmas Tree
For all to see

The Holiday Calendar
Is Pagan
The Christian Calendar
Is almost the same

It's no mystery
These calendars
Revolve around the sun (son)
Universally appealing to everyone

The leaves will persist
Until Christmas, then
The branches will bare
For the Baby New Year