Blackberry Brambles

Ring in the New Year
With a Wintertime hike
No matter the weather
It'll make you feel right

Go to a place
That you've been to before
But not for a while
A place you've ignored

You will find
A place from your past
Can reveal new meaning
Its a blast

These Blackberry Brambles
Had secrets to reveal
Their colored leaves
Hidden secrets unsealed

Colored leaves on Christmas
A new thing I've learned
With each year anew
Something new to discern

Silent Night, Holy Night

Dar Williams sung about 
A Yule Tide Winter Solstice Dinner
"The Christians and The Pagans"
Its a great song, a real winner

The world is full of contradictions
At least it seems at first
But when you peel away the onion
We all share the same thirst

Peace on Earth to All Good People
Those who Pray for Peace
Those who still believe in magic (Love)
Blessed are those who help The Least

M.C. Christmas

Father Christmas 
And Santa Claus
Ain't got nothing
On the real boss

Mr. C. Christmas
Let's call him Jim
He's the meaning of Christmas
The real thing

We sing our praise
To M.C. The Man
D.J. of life's party
The master of our dance

Somewhat distant
But always here
Embodiment of Love
All we hold dear

Elf Union 572

What do Elves do 
When they're on break?
They work so hard
So many toys they make

They wanted
Longer breaks
Better working conditions
And more pay

They formed a union
Number 572
They got what they wanted
They pay their dues

He takes his breaks
Union Boss Edgar Strempfle
In the new break room
Where he chain smokes menthol

The Bells of Christmas Past

From time to time
I think of you
You left this earth
So long ago

I hear the bells
Of Christmas Past
Growing up in our house
Flew by so fast

Now my sons
Have moved away
My hairline has
More than a touch of grey

I hear the bells
Of Christmas Past
Growing up in our house
Flew by so fast

Its time to raise our glass
To all you, whom I've loved
Present and past
Merry Christmas!

I hear the bells
Of Christmas Past
Growing up in our house
Flew by so fast

Da Jingle Belles at Da Bada Bing!

Today I woke up thinking about New Jersey – where I grew up and also The Sopranos – which really reminded me of that old NY / NJ “schtick”. I’ve been in the Bay Area since I graduated college (Lock Haven, PA), but I’m really glad I grew up in NJ – because its really a funny place – with a lot of really funny characters.

I decided to write a lyric based on this sign and Christmas.

A Festivus Miracle!
One day only
At Da Bada Bing
You can hear
Da Jingle Belles sing

They don't really sing
But they sure do swing
So much so
They'll make you Schwing!

Near Paramus
Past the mall
The best show on earth
In our show hall


Insulator insulator
Insulate my loved ones
From harm
Glad tidings, health
And happiness
Be this good luck charm

Its not about
The things in life
But the people that you love
For when you care
For loved ones dear
You will rise above

Joyeux Noel
Sing thy praise
To the heavens above
But don't forget
To praise your self
For helping those you love


The hand of New Convenience
Just swipe right or left
The Miscreant social media
Leaves us all in debt

Lifeless, soul-less mannequins
Puppets with tangled strings
Lemming clowns in clown cars
Chase the almighty thing

One day it won't matter
If we're lucky we get old
Take some time to be a human
Save your mortal soul

Amazon won't do it
Facebook Meta-tasticized
Twitter for the soulless
Open up your eyes

Take some time to listen
Make time for family and friends
Re-humanize yourself with love
You'll find its heaven sent

Wake your soul this Christmas
Rejoin the human race
Build a real sense of community
Be your own Saving Grace

Autumn’s Last Stand!

Like a fireworks show
They've saved the best for last
My neighbors Smoke Tree
Can't be surpassed

Its almost Christmas
Its a gift from Heaven
Or Father Christmas
And its turned up to eleven

The best gifts in life are free
Just like this tree
All you have to do
Is open your eyes and see

Buckeye Christmas Tree

The Buckeye Tree With Christmas Ornament
There's something 
That I missed
All these years
A new source of bliss

I opened my eyes
Lo and behold
Up in the trees
A new story to be told

What had seemed
Like just a Winter Tree
Now took on new meaning
At least new to me

While others shiver
In the Winter cold
With my camera
I'm mining gold

With all leaves gone
Autumn's leaf shroud lifted
What is underneath
Makes me feel like a thief

In this special scene
Less is certainly more
What I see now
I didn't see before

You stay forever young
When you open your eyes
Things you never saw
Are a new surprise