St. Tinny

Tinny is Love
His name is St. Tinny
He's the leader of the town
Few people worship him
Most think he's a clown

His head is made of metal
His head is made of tin
His head is so air tight
No knowledge can get in

Tinny's head is rusting
He's getting very old
He rattles when he walks
On the streets of gold

He used to be successful
Until he wanted it all
His lust for more and more
Was his great downfall

He used to get away with things
Before he rose to power
Now his power leaked away
Like a golden shower

Let this be a lesson
One that you should heed
Be careful what you wish
Use only what you need

Figure Head Red

Every cult 
Has a leader
With a big head
This ones named Red

It must be his eyes
You're under control
His vacant stare
His doll like pose

You will succumb
You will obey
To everything
That he says