Crown Bouquet

The Crown Bouquet
There is a special place
In heaven for those who love
Their eyes are wide open
To the beauty below and above

There is a special place
In hell for those who hate
Their eyes are closed shut
The dark abyss their fate

Get yourself a Crown Bouquet
Love thy neighbor
And soon you'll experience
What the word human is for

Satellite Constellation

It's warmth and beauty
Like a Satellite Constellation
Surrounds me
Comforts me

Just yards from my bed
The Smoke Tree
Has sugar plum foliage
Dancing in my head

Five leaf pedal power
Color clusters
Bathe mine eyes
Like a bed of spring flowers

More Tales From The Smoke Tree

Some entity
Is trying to keep me happy
Maybe that entity
Is the Smoke Tree

A fascinating species
Cousin of the Sumac
Sumacs from my youth
This memory takes me back

Newton, New Jersey
Youthful days in the woods
Next to our house
In our neighborhood

We used sumac branches
As swords
With garbage can lids
As shields for Kings and Lords

3000 miles away
Also near Route 80
Funny how a highway
Defines me

But I digress
Isn't it funny
What a tree can do
When I reminisce

Autumn’s Last Stand!

Like a fireworks show
They've saved the best for last
My neighbors Smoke Tree
Can't be surpassed

Its almost Christmas
Its a gift from Heaven
Or Father Christmas
And its turned up to eleven

The best gifts in life are free
Just like this tree
All you have to do
Is open your eyes and see

Beauty in The Past Tense

I had a tree
That had gorgeous
Multicolored leaves
It was a scraggly tree

A sad Liquid Amber
Barely hanging on
I should have cared for it
Now it's gone

It was in our forest
Amongst the canopy
I thought it wild
- That it didn't need me

Yet for years
It offered it's leaves
I suppose as a way
To get attention from me

The moral of this story
Is open your eyes
Take care of all things
And you'll grow wise

The Golden Carpet

It never gets old
In Winter
Our garden carpet
Is a bright yellow-gold

The lazy long shadows
Illuminate the leaves
Showing off color
That's hard to believe

The Golden hills of Summer
Dried hills of grass
Can't quite compete
With Winters Repast

Tree Bones

When the leaves all Fall
In Fall
The trees
Their Tree Bones

Are quite self conscious
They'd like some privacy
(You might know
What I mean)

We pay them no mind
Trees in Winter seem empty
Nothing to see

But like us humans
Without bones -
We couldn't stand
Imagine boneless trees
That's obscene!

The End of Autumn

The end of Autumn
My favorite season
Next up is Winter
Morning frost freezing

Time to look carefully
At Winters Stark Beauty
Get out my camera
My new Call of Duty

The branches of trees
Are skeleton bones
Structural beauty
With natural earth tones

Golden Gingko

Golden Gingko
Don't tell me
You've heard this one before
Your golden leaves I adore

Against the sky
Of Royal Blue
You send a message
That rings true

Although your leaves
Are green during summer and spring
Its your yellow golden leaves
In autumn that really sings

The Shoes on Their Feet

When you see others
Out on the street
You should remember
To look at their feet

Think about walking
Around in their shoes
You'll then learn why
They do what they do

Life isn't easy
But it is wonderful
With our compassion
There's nothing we can't do