Wishing Well

Be Careful What You Wish For
I used to feel
So Overlooked
The great unknown
I felt Forsook

Then I saw
The 27 Club
Ex Famous people
The Ultimate Snub

It seems so strange
To have it all
Which then began
Their great downfall

These famous people
In their prime
Self made prison
Doing time

I'm glad I've had
Enough Recognition
You can drown
In the well you're wishing

The Statue of Limitations

I'm only half the man
I used to be
The other half
Ran away from me

He took the train
To the coast
In search of truth
In another host

An empty vessel
He said of me
As he pondered
By the sea

Then it happened
He got mad
Said no ones perfect
That I'm not so bad

The search for perfect
Ran out of time
To be imperfect
Is not a crime

The Shoes on Their Feet

When you see others
Out on the street
You should remember
To look at their feet

Think about walking
Around in their shoes
You'll then learn why
They do what they do

Life isn't easy
But it is wonderful
With our compassion
There's nothing we can't do

Dharma Blues

I received sad news yesterday and so my “music mood” was somber. I did feel much better after writing and playing what sounds a bit like a dirge. The person I care about and am concerned about then texted me today joking about the situation. That really made my day. There is some cosmic order in this crazy disheveled world! It all seems to revolve around The Golden Rule.

A Broken Vessel
Pour in Your love
With care and kindness
It will rise above

When the going gets tough
The tough turns to love
With care and kindness
You'll rise above

The ways of the world
Seem to have order
You have to dig deep
Through all the disorder