You Can’t Get There From Here

I figured out how to get around my fear of singing (Phonophobia). I make believe I’m some famous rock singer. A while back I channeled Mark E. Smith from The Fall and it turned out quite good. Yesterday was my Elvis day and today I channeled Lou Reed.

You can't get there from here
You must find another way
You've gone way off course
Well that's okay

We all get lost
Off the beaten path
In our misdirection
We always learn fast

Learn from your mistakes
Don't be afraid
Practice makes perfect
You'll make the grade

When you arrive
You will know
Sometimes it takes a while
Sometimes it's slow


You can't get there from here
You can't get there from here
You can't get there from here
You can't get there from here

Trying Times

I've never had so much fun
Yet, these are trying times
I get far more than what I give
The reward is in the try

Life's a journey, buckle up
Time travels speed of sound
When I play my instruments
My happiness profound

My youth is gone I'm getting old
My spirit still stays young
When I write new song ideas
I'm having such great fun

Try not, just do
For there is no try
Silly words to ponder
Never asking why

Step right up, jump right in
Doing is really trying
Practice makes nearly perfect
In no time you'll be flying

Every Day a Hill Climb

What You Might See With a Little Effort
Every day a hill to climb
With a thrilling descent
It's never all uphill
Sometimes it's heaven sent

Sure it was hard work
When you climbed that hill
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
You get that awesome thrill

Just around the corner
Just over the hill
Your efforts are rewarded
The strength comes from your will