Yet, She Taunts Me

She's always on my mind
My affliction
Just when the coast seemed clear
Like an addiction she re-appears

She's my only love
The only one who
Made me feel real
Now I feel healed

Her jaundiced eyes
A rude disguise
She loves me so
For the Devil told me so

Your Eventual Ghost

If you have a conscience
Then you have a soul
That holds a place for
Your Eventual Ghost

We may not survive
Or live forever
But we are vessels
Place holding our soul

Our soul is our
Earthly heart
When we pass on
That's when we start


When we die
We only start
Our Eventual Ghost
Comes from our heart

I was raised in the Episcopal Church, and have read quite a bit of both the New and Old Testament. While these were written by some old dudes a long time ago – I think a book of morals is a good thing. I also think any religion that is based on The Golden Rule is great. But sadly – I gave up religion years ago due to so much hypocrisy and those who use religion for their political and other money making devious ventures. On top of that – fundamentalists and in your face bible thumpers just plain suck. No wonder churches are closing down right and left.

There is still a part in me that thinks – maybe – just maybe – there is something that is bigger than us ant like humans and that maybe there is at least some Devine or cosmic force in the universe. I say this because I can look at stars and the moon at night or just the beauty of nature during the day – or perhaps witnessing a kind loving gesture by a human being and then some of my erstwhile faith is restored. But man, its getting harder and harder it seems.

Nature makes me feel like there is a God – and humans make me feel like there is a devil. Just kidding (not kidding) – there are some really, really bad humans that have polluted this earth the last 5 or 6 years. Parading as saints no less. Charlatans Jesus threw out of the Temple . . . Throw in gun violence – and what a misery stew.

Any way – none of us live forever – so I have been reflecting on what we are and what a heart and soul is. No definitive answers – but it is an interesting thing to ponder every now and then.


I’m working on making better mixes. Here is what I believe will be a cleaner mix than the original:

Player Guitar

in a nutshell

  • Lyrics sung or even spoken are very much worth the effort
  • It takes twice as much time to “fit” lyrics to music and sing
  • You have to feel what you sing. Deadpan is OK as a too
  • Socio political songs are tricky. Keep them short and to the point
  • Instrumentals add spice, and should be used sparingly
  • Sad songs based on empathy and or pathos work well
  • Too many effects makes for a bad mix – muddies it up


I did change the song in several ways – to accommodate my “talk singing”. Its very interesting how music changes when you write for a singer (or a sprechgesanger like me). My friend and ex-bandmate Jeff warned me when I got back into music two years ago “A song is not a song unless it has lyrics and a singer”. Dick Dale would have disagreed, but I will say I finally agree with him today. I did not agree for the longest time.

I think an occasional instrumental is refreshing and needed for sure – but the main thing I learned with this exercise is that I had to work twice a long to “finish” the song – tighten it up – make the lyrics and music mesh just right, etc.

Now – this song is a sad-ish song – with a message of hope. I started thinking that we are just about out of this Covid era, and that maybe, just maybe, some of the lunacy that the US went through will fade away as people get downright giddy getting their lives back. People have very short attention spans.


Some of the tech companies put profit over our Democracy (two in particular) by giving the biggest phony “Profit Prophet” a social media platform that he used to dupe the 25 – 35% dumb fucks in America to basically go out of their mind. Luckily, Karma finally has arrived – Meta is tanking and The Profit Prophet clowns accounting firm has opened the Pandora’s box that will be this jerks downfall – and its way more of a downfall than anything political. Stay tuned – when the loans come due soon, and we start hearing about insurance fraud ….. But sadly, because of this jerk and the GOP, so many politicized their own survival and they paid the ultimate price.


I’m hoping that a lot of the lunacy was pandemic related. I am sure that if people can lighten up a bit – we could be on the steps of another “Roaring 20’s”. Today, we dropped the mask mandates here, and leading up to this day – the restaurants have been packed like the “good old / pre pandemic” days. Fingers crossed – and my next song will be a continuation of this “coming out of the darkness” trilogy I’m writing. Todays song is the darkest and most introspective.

Crazy times,social decay
Virtual reality, MetaWurst play
Money Prophets, distant people
Virtual things, void of feeling

Inhuman humans, monster cyborgs
Selling dreams, in online stores
Religion/Politics one in the same
The highest ratings wins the game

Social media, so anti social
US versus US, it's really woeful
I'd rather see sausage being made
Than hide behind a Virtual Vail

The more that we go virtual
The less human we are
We can save our souls
We can heal our scars

Radio KRY

Combining photographic images, but portraying them as sound. This and the last post and song are about Pathos – and how every day we get good and bad news – and then apply our filters accordingly.

Radio KRY
Wink of the eye
Nod of the head
The sounds that you'll hear
On Radio KRY

Sideways glance
Looking awry
The sounds you'll hear
On Radio KRY

Second opinion
You're going to be fine
The sounds you'll hear
On Radio KRY

Intimate portrait
High key light
Sounds you'll hear
On Radio KRY

Decisive moment
Plane in flight
The sounds you'll hear
On Radio KRY

Surrealistic scene
Lips in the sky
The sounds you'll hear
On radio KRY

Spanning the globe
Spinning the dial
We're in your ears
We're Radio KRY

KRY Radio

I’ll have a series of photographs and maybe songs related to this microphone and or KRY Radio. Stay tuned.

The bottom end
Of your radio dial
The saddest station
K - R - Y

The bad news hits
Shades the light
There are no answers
K - R - Y

Middle of the road
Everything you like
Your home station
K - R - Y

Sounds of the times
Days of your lives
Keep your dial tuned to
K - R - Y

When good news hits
Ascend new heights
Tears of joy
K - R - Y

At the top
Of your radio dial
The happy station
K - R - Y

Tears of Darkness
Tears of Light
Turn your dial to
K - R - Y

Nothing to Lose

I've always had nothing to lose
But never understood this
A young mans trepidation
Has now turned to unbridled bliss

I no longer care what people think
I'll be completely who I am
No more playing it careful
I just don't give a damn

The things I feared in youth
Are gone forever
I feel so free and alive
Since I learned to never say never

Inner Space Age Rendezvous

I had a rendezvous 
With myself
I took old me
Off the shelf

Old me was young
Let's not split hairs
It really doesn't matter
How we got here

As I was saying
I'm writing new songs
Having the time of my life
Don't get me wrong

I might be old
But that won't stop me
I feel just like a kid
So happy and free

Intergalactic Collect Call

Late at night
The message arrived
From Centauri Sector Nine
A chill went up my spine

Through the static crash
I heard a muffled voice
The being on the phone
Shrieked and then moaned

The message then got clear
I heard it with both ears
The voice said in great fear
"We've just run out of beer!"

The Statue of Limitations

I'm only half the man
I used to be
The other half
Ran away from me

He took the train
To the coast
In search of truth
In another host

An empty vessel
He said of me
As he pondered
By the sea

Then it happened
He got mad
Said no ones perfect
That I'm not so bad

The search for perfect
Ran out of time
To be imperfect
Is not a crime

Tree Bones

When the leaves all Fall
In Fall
The trees
Their Tree Bones

Are quite self conscious
They'd like some privacy
(You might know
What I mean)

We pay them no mind
Trees in Winter seem empty
Nothing to see

But like us humans
Without bones -
We couldn't stand
Imagine boneless trees
That's obscene!