Haters Hoedown

Its summer time
And you know what
Kick your neighbor
In the nuts

Pick your partners
Choose them well
Everyone else
Can go to hell

Haters Hoedown
White National Pride
Hunt down Congress
Make them hide

Extra points
For politicians if
You don't like
Their disposition

Dance around
The dee cee doh
Charlottesville was
The first to go

Who'll be next
What's your guess
Targets of
These Terrorists

Get the gallows
Hang em' high
Watch the bastards
Choke and die

We do it all
For the genius man
He'll give us riches
That's his plan

It's a Haters Hoedown
Here's the low down
People we don't like
We'll mow down

Praise The Lard!

Praise The Lard and Pass The Ammo!
Praise the Lard
Pass the ammo
Russian Roulette
Is your gamble

Load that gun
Pull the trigger
Now you feel
So much bigger

Praise the Lard
Church and state
Christian Soldiers
Nationalist hate

Send your money
To the rich
There's nothing left
You stupid bitch

Take up sides
Against ourselves
Hate your brother
Everyone else

Work for evil
Men of greed
Men in power
The devils seed

Money changers
Profits (prophets) of doom
Take your money
Give you gloom

Its too late
You'll never learn
Smell the smoke
As America Burns

Today’s song came about after I wrote the bass line – I wanted it to be sort of punk-ish – and simple blues progression came out – which is somewhat related – since many garage bands first learn very simple blues progressions and repeat them ad nauseum.

I usually get my lyrics ideas from either “current events”, historical events or inventions, nature, or one of my many Assemblage pieces – and today’s is using an Assemblage as my guide. The vocals also begged to be sung as if I were a Televangelist. Hey – I will use this approach again – it infuses comedy in a way that really works well.

The vocals are influenced by listening to Primus do “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” – which is hilarious – as most Primus songs are.

The American J6 Putsch

America truly is on very near the same path as Nazi Germany. I noticed someone else has written about this. Pay no attention to the shill who claims its not like the rise of the Nazis because the GOP and Orange Julius gave tons of money to Israel. Its as close to being exactly the same as can be – just with an American twist. The basics are all there.

I despise all politicians and politics, but this one is too close to the bone – this time its personal. Amazing how Americans forget or otherwise ignore history. Apathy and Ignorance Kills. Politicians are in it for the power and money, but things can go terribly wrong.

My family left Germany in 1926
Grandpa hated the Nazis
He put his family on a ship
He already had made that trip

He came to America first
As Germany became a rotting Wurst
Through Ellis Island New York
They arrived on the SS Yorck

They left my Aunt behind
She was offered to her Aunt
Who couldn't have babies herself
My Aunt felt like a doll on a shelf

My Aunt later immigrated
The Nazis she also hated
Arrived in 34
She escaped before The War

My Father landed
On the beach at Normandy
Operation Overlord
They all jumped out overboard

He drove back to his birth home
Stuttgart where they dropped their bombs
Gave his Grandpa a ride in his Jeep
Blood is thicker than water it seems

Our Cancerous American GOP
Led by Dung Throwing Chimpanzees
Is on the same dark path
As Germany in the past