Old American Radio Piano

Radio Station
W. A. I. L.
Voice of The Banshee
And the Sounds of Hell

The old Tack Piano
Hear it's dusty keys plink
Ghostly echoed sound
Makes your heart sink

Old tube radio
Sounds from the past
Old Jazz Crooners
From a 1930's class

Sounds of nostalgia
Hear it's mournful sound
Piano playing by itself
When there's no one around

The Minds Eye

The Eye has a better lens than a camera
It's fantastic
What we humans see
When our eyes are open

The Internal
Affects the External
When our eyes are open
Autumnal or Vernal

The External
Influences our brain
Bringing pleasure
Or pain

Autumn's paradox
Such color in death
Vernal is green
A baby's first breath

Images beget moods
Color the minds eye
Accentuate the positive
Or scare us deep inside

Take the moon
You'll either sing
Clair de Lune
Or songs filled with doom

You get to choose
Decide what you see
Darkness and sadness or
Light and Beauty

Radio Ghost Train

My second song with Cello.

All aboard
The Ghost Train Special
Pulling out of Station Zero
Morse Code Tapping
Pistons Rapping
Guess it's time for us to go

Is the future
We will get there when we do
Morse Code Tapping
Pistons Slapping
The night air is cool

Band aboard
This Haunted Train
Playing sad songs from the past
Morse Code Tapping
Pistons Rattling
Through a tunnel in the mountain pass

There's no light
At the end of the tunnel
Or in this long dark shaft
Morse Code Tapping
Pistons Cracking
A loud ghosts shrieking laugh

dia de los cabeza muertos

All of a sudden, I’m playing violin and loving it. I’ve been playing open strings and just practicing bowing for quite a while, and I thought I’d only ever use it just occasionally and for very small parts.

The last couple days seem to be a mini breakthrough.

The Thing In The Attic

The Thing in the Attic
Neither Goddess or God
It snorts and it grunts
And smells rather odd

We never go up there
We leave it alone
It frightens us nightly
It's low steady moan

They said it was haunted
We didn't believe
We thought what we wanted
Our selves we deceived

The Haunted Organ

In the basement 
I hear music
No one's down there
I hear noise

Someone's singing
More like moaning
Like a banshee
High pitched voice

Descend the staircase
Turn on the light
The sound has stopped now
Nothing in sight

Skeleton Gate

Horror Show

Step right up
Step inside
For tonight
I'm your guide

See the freak show
In D.C
Mental midgets
On T.V

Parade of lawyers
Parade of clowns
Tried to bring
Democracy down

Foolish followers
Idiot tools
False idol worship
Pumpkin Man Fool

Step right up
Step inside
At the door
Lose your pride

Radio Tombstone

Radio Tombstone
Late at night
Hear her distant cry
Through the static
And the fading
Spooky Lullaby

"Don't sit under
The Apple Tree
With anyone else but me"
It's too late
He's found a new mate
When you became deceased


Glass Insulator
Food for Thought

Only Sent
To the Dead
Forelorn Messages
Never Were Read