Love Gun

Baby’s Got a Brand New Gun
Who needs abortion
When there are guns
Take em' to school
Make the kiddies run

Our highest court, the
Food Court Supreme
Fights abortions
With AR-15's

Show Dad you care, and
Buy him a gun
This Fathers Day
Be his favorite son

Speaking of sons
Jesus wanted one
An AR-15, was
His favorite gun

His father, God
In a surprise
Said sorry son, you'll
Shoot our your eye

Don't be like
Pirate Goat Keeper
Dropped his gun
And blew out a peeper

Guns are good
And next to God
Abortions are not
Doesn't that seem odd?

More brown children
White Militias Mad
Ironic twist
In America-land

Be a real man
Don't be a scared
With your Love Gun
Show that you care

Guns Don’t Kill – Window Blind Cords Do

Haters Hoedown

Its summer time
And you know what
Kick your neighbor
In the nuts

Pick your partners
Choose them well
Everyone else
Can go to hell

Haters Hoedown
White National Pride
Hunt down Congress
Make them hide

Extra points
For politicians if
You don't like
Their disposition

Dance around
The dee cee doh
Charlottesville was
The first to go

Who'll be next
What's your guess
Targets of
These Terrorists

Get the gallows
Hang em' high
Watch the bastards
Choke and die

We do it all
For the genius man
He'll give us riches
That's his plan

It's a Haters Hoedown
Here's the low down
People we don't like
We'll mow down