Something Wonderful

Nothing is perfect
Nor is anyone
Anyone who says different
Is someone to shun

Snake oil sales
Are through the roof
Will fix what ails you
And they have proof

You and I know
It's a load of bull
Take it as humor
Something wonderful

Even grey days
Make the air feel cool
Then sun breaks though
Something wonderful

How a single leaf
Is beyond belief
Nature shares with you
Something wonderful

Autumn Harvest Thanks

Just a seedling
This one has attitude
Dropped here by the wind
Soon it took up root

Fall Harvest
Is everywhere
Just look around
Don't be scared

It may be Halloween
That will give you a fright
I like to see it more
As the Crescent Moon so bright

Fall Harvest
Is everywhere
Just look around
Don't be scared

Give thanks every day
I think there is a God
But I'm not religious
You might find this odd

Fall Harvest
Is everywhere
Just look around
Don't be scared

The Best Day Ever

The best day is Today
(Until tomorrow)
All we have is our time
It's nothing we can borrow

Things, do they matter?
(Why yes, they do!)
But just for a short while
Until we're through

A leaf, a sky
(Such beautiful things)
Our friends and loved ones
The best that life brings

Rustic Fall Colors

Rustic or rust?
Either is fine
Aged fall leaves
Like a fine wine

Some of the colors
Are hard to describe
Extra terrestrial
Comes to mind

Catch it now
While you can
These days are fleeting
Winters at hand

Western Autumn Glory

The trees
Have been all aglow
Putting on
A glorious show

This Autumn
Has been the absolute best
The forty years
I've been in the West

So inspired
To write and sing
Rejoice! give thanks,
For such a glorious thing

Tree Wise Guys

We tree guys
Of Orient Aint
Our good looks
Will make you faint

We've arrived
To cheer you up
Pour some beer
Into our cups

Never too early
To deck the halls
Fill the tree
With colored balls

The Thing In The Attic

The Thing in the Attic
Neither Goddess or God
It snorts and it grunts
And smells rather odd

We never go up there
We leave it alone
It frightens us nightly
It's low steady moan

They said it was haunted
We didn't believe
We thought what we wanted
Our selves we deceived

The Haunted Organ

In the basement 
I hear music
No one's down there
I hear noise

Someone's singing
More like moaning
Like a banshee
High pitched voice

Descend the staircase
Turn on the light
The sound has stopped now
Nothing in sight

Skeleton Gate

Horror Show

Step right up
Step inside
For tonight
I'm your guide

See the freak show
In D.C
Mental midgets
On T.V

Parade of lawyers
Parade of clowns
Tried to bring
Democracy down

Foolish followers
Idiot tools
False idol worship
Pumpkin Man Fool

Step right up
Step inside
At the door
Lose your pride