Someday Justice Will Come

I’ve decided to write “The Four Princes Trilogy”. (As in Austin Powers), this one is “Number Two” . . .

The meek will inherit the earth
When Hell Freezes over (tonight)
My Uncle used to say . . .
I think he was right

Justice is elusive
We all live our lives
As honest, caring, good people
Fighting our personal strife

Yet there are those
Four Princes who get the sweets
Break all the Eternal Laws
And then go scot free

Their day will come
And I think it will be soon
The rest of us will get Fed Up
And rip away their Silver Spoon

In Art We Trust

In Art We Trust
It brings us joy
Artists create
While others destroy

You get what you pay for
Is not always true
We get much more from artists
Than vapid corporate tools

In Art We Trust
Artists tell the truth
Politicians tell lies
To get you in the booth

If there was real justice
In this fellaheen world
Artists would rule
Destroyers would eat dirt