Joseph Kekuku and Lap Steel

Joseph Kekuku, from Oahu, invented the lap steel guitar when he dropped his comb on his guitar and liked the sound. He then tried various bits of metal and also tried several open tunings, called Slack Key, because when you tune this way, some of the strings become more slack than they would a normal guitar tuning.

I’ll get back to my Fall color theme, but I will have a chance to learn more about the history of the lap steel soon. Ironically, just this past week I finally figured out how to really play lap steel after (very) casually playing it for the last 2 years.

As it turns out, Joseph Kekuku introduced America to Hawaiian music and there was so much interest, he moved to the mainland and ended up in Dover, NJ, very close to where I grew up. He is buried very close to where I attended Community College – (which was before I transferred to Lock Haven State College in PA).

Just some fun serendipity with coffee this morning.

There are so many interesting stories, very human stories in history. I think to look forward it always makes to every now and then look back a bit. This leads to discovering connections to others, no matter how indirect they are.

The Puppet Portraitist

I stumbled on a pretty cool new idea – use a small Lumix LX-5 digital camera but take pictures through the two old Twin Lens Reflex cameras I have. I might even devise some sort of bellows.

The Puppet Portraitist
Has an important job
Take pictures of Dummies,
Politicians and other such Slobs

The Puppet Portraitist
Has too much work
Snooty entitled Puppets
And other Selfish Jerks

The Puppet Portraitist
Changed his rules
From now on only good puppets
He won't suffer fools

The Lap Steel

The Lap Steel
Has a different feel
Than the usual guitar
You use a metal bar

The metal bar
Is called a steel
That's the difference
That's the deal

You also play it
On your lap
Use finger picks
And slide it front and back