Radio Ghost Train

My second song with Cello.

All aboard
The Ghost Train Special
Pulling out of Station Zero
Morse Code Tapping
Pistons Rapping
Guess it's time for us to go

Is the future
We will get there when we do
Morse Code Tapping
Pistons Slapping
The night air is cool

Band aboard
This Haunted Train
Playing sad songs from the past
Morse Code Tapping
Pistons Rattling
Through a tunnel in the mountain pass

There's no light
At the end of the tunnel
Or in this long dark shaft
Morse Code Tapping
Pistons Cracking
A loud ghosts shrieking laugh

Autumn Color Finale

My Favorite Fall Color Photo This Year
The days have a chill
That signals the end
Of Fall Color Foliage
My latest best friend

Thanksgiving's soon
So much to be thankful for
Rekindling love
Reunions Galore

Soon I will spy
Winter scenes
Subtle beauty
With my photographic eye

Love Hath No Bounds

Something cathartic
Has happened to me
It all came about
With Fall Colored Leaves

A feeling of Love
Coursed through my veins
Thankfulness, gratitude
Coursed through my brain

A fitting thing
At this time of year
Love and warmth
Has drowned out my fears

Now I know that
Love Hath No Bounds
Look for it's beauty
It will astound

Hate is so weak
And thin as a veil
Easily unmasked
Always does fail

Like little Davy
Who conquered Goliath
Hate's always conquered
By Love so Reliant

The Copper Fire Trees

On a small patch of land
In a small park downtown
Are fire orange trees
Leaves copper and brown

Surprises exist
Wherever you go
When least expected
There's nature's grand show

Let's take a walk
On paths and through parks
Let nature surprise us
Until it gets dark

Late Fall Light

Late Fall Light
Signaling snow
Short days, long nights
Winters glow

Summer birds
Have flown away
Winter birds
Are here to stay

Every season
Has a plan
Has it's reason
Something grand

Winters Blue Fog Light

Early morning
This time of year
Blue light fog
Fills the air

Chills your soul
Down to the bone
Summer birds
All have flown

Autumn's pageant
Now has passed
Colored foliage
Never lasts

There is beauty
In this light
Days are short
Long is night

Trees reveal
Their winter tones
Showing off
Their Skeleton Bones

See the moon
Night winter light
Beaming through
This cold fog light

Yet I've learned
About each season
And the Logic that
Has it's reason

Try to find
Some quiet time
This Winter Rhyme

Go outside
Look around
Subtle beauty
Will astound