Post Pandemic Fervor

This will be the second in a trilogy reflecting on coming out of this 2 year pandemic and all it’s lunacy … Ill add music and (hopefully) vocals tomorrow. Stay tuned.

You can feel it in the air
The unbearable lightness of being
Post pandemic fervor
That's what I'm seeing

We've all had enough
Time to go outside
Cafes, theatres and bars
The new roaring 20's time

I long to hear live music
I long to travel abroad
There's no time like the present
This we must applaud

The Minds Eye

The Eye has a better lens than a camera
It's fantastic
What we humans see
When our eyes are open

The Internal
Affects the External
When our eyes are open
Autumnal or Vernal

The External
Influences our brain
Bringing pleasure
Or pain

Autumn's paradox
Such color in death
Vernal is green
A baby's first breath

Images beget moods
Color the minds eye
Accentuate the positive
Or scare us deep inside

Take the moon
You'll either sing
Clair de Lune
Or songs filled with doom

You get to choose
Decide what you see
Darkness and sadness or
Light and Beauty

Mysterious Thanksgiving Moon

Thanksgiving Moon
Appeared in my Dream
Softly shining
Mysterious scene

My camera didn't catch
The full glory of the night
So I push processed it
Until I got it right

It occurred to me
That humans can see
Human emotions
Better than technology

Maybe There is a Heaven!

Just when you think
There's no beauty
Left in the world
Look up, you'll be reassured

It's easy to miss
The beauty all around
When our eyes are focused
On the flat earth ground

You'd be surprised
What you'll see
When you step away
From your virtual reality

Inner Spaces

Inner spaces
Gentle light
Golden mornings
Purple nights

Winter shadows
Sing their song
Stretching out
Growing long

In the corners
Light peeks in
The darkened din