Love Kitchen

Your love kitchen
Gets me itchin'
Fish and chips
Curvy hips

Chicken thighs
Sultry eyes
French fried taters
Can't wait for later

Big plump melons
Sweet honey smellin'
Your pouty lips
I can't resist

Biscuits and gravy
Chestnut hair wavy
I must confess
Baby, you're the best

Corn on the cob
I feel like a slob
What can I do
You're making me drool

Ribs and beans
Collard greens
You make me hurt
I want your desert

My Dearest Friend

The signal is clear
What do you hear?
The dashboard radio
The rear view mirror

A night time drive
Sound comes alive
Across the desert
The moon is bright

The sky at night
A streak of light
A falling star
It feels just right

Been through a lot
Days we've forgot
Now in our past
It says a lot

We look ahead
The time we'll spend
Cherish each day
My dearest friend

The time goes fast
It never lasts
We're having fun
The time flies past

You Are My Obsession

This post is about a high school sweetheart who liked me but I was so shy a year later I finally woke up and then we got together. Fast forward 45 years and its also about the ribbon microphone.

RCA Ribbon Mic Patent Drawing
You are my obsession
I must make you
My next possession
Like the others before

Can there be so much beauty?
Elegant simplicity
I have made it my duty
To make you mine

When I first saw you
I paid you no mind
Then I heard what you do
I thought you sublime


You are my muse
It's you who I choose
From not seeing you there
To devil may care

Where Love Knew No Name

This is a true story.

They were never meant for each other
They were only lifeless part time lovers
Passion never entered their room
From the start their match was doomed

There was no foul play or murder
No abuse, yelling or even a murmur
There simply was nothing between them
Their marriage only a convenience

After receiving his Dear John letter
He started feeling much better
He had wondered for many years
When mad passionate love might appear

The story has a happy ending
She with her socialite tending
He met his hot gypsy sweetheart
Both found their intended counterpart

Je Vous Adore

When I was young 
I fell in like
And Married the wrong girl
Then we grew up
Marriage screwed up
I was cast out in the world

Along came you
A stranger from the past
A chance encounter before
We're ENFJ's
Understand each others ways
Je Vous Adore

Sixteen years
Deserve sixteen candles
Best years of my life
To find true love
Is a true blessing
Thank you my lovely wife


Insulator insulator
Insulate my loved ones
From harm
Glad tidings, health
And happiness
Be this good luck charm

Its not about
The things in life
But the people that you love
For when you care
For loved ones dear
You will rise above

Joyeux Noel
Sing thy praise
To the heavens above
But don't forget
To praise your self
For helping those you love

The Shoes on Their Feet

When you see others
Out on the street
You should remember
To look at their feet

Think about walking
Around in their shoes
You'll then learn why
They do what they do

Life isn't easy
But it is wonderful
With our compassion
There's nothing we can't do

Hope is a Prayer

If hope is a prayer
It's all in our minds
I've been hoping for you
Guess I'm the praying kind

I do hope a lot
Especially for you
I pray that your dreams
Will all come true

A bird on the wing
You know how to fly
You made me laugh
When I thought I should cry

I do hope a lot
Especially for you
I pray that your dreams
Will all come true

If hope is true love
Then yes it is true
All my love
Is directed at you

I do hope a lot
Especially for you
I pray that your dreams
Will all come true

Hope, Prayer and Love
Might be the same
You get more than what you give
Like a runaway train

I do hope a lot
Especially for you
I pray that your dreams
Will all come true

The Day Fall Fell

Today was the day Fall Fell
The last leaves of Autumn are on the wing
Cars had Christmas trees on the roof
Soon it will be time to sing (Auld Lang Syne)

Today was the day Fall Fell
The ornaments and lights are going up
Thanksgiving was great fun
Life with you is a Golden Cup

Today was the day Fall Fell
Happy Birthday my Dear
My life is wonderful
With you, and every year

Giving Thanks For You

Thanksgiving Two Years Ago in Oregon
The Fall Leaf Trail
Leads us to Thanksgiving
With you
Life is worth living

We travel and see
The bounty of Earth
And it's beauty

There's nothing
Like my time with you
I cherish it
And all that you do