My Friend, The Seedling

Volunteer Smoke Tree Seedling
The tiniest tree in my yard
Is the biggest beauty
What it lacks in size
It makes up in duty

I watered it with care
All this year
It's my friend
It's heaven sent

It is giving thanks
Putting on a fireworks show
Of color and intent
As it slowly grows

Don't overlook
The beauty around
In your own front yard
There on the ground

Maybe There is a Heaven!

Just when you think
There's no beauty
Left in the world
Look up, you'll be reassured

It's easy to miss
The beauty all around
When our eyes are focused
On the flat earth ground

You'd be surprised
What you'll see
When you step away
From your virtual reality

Every Song a Journey

Largest Treble Clef in British Columbia
As we slide 
Towards a new year
I count my blessings
With good cheer

Giving Thanks
Is so cathartic
Lifts your spirit
Very Karmic

I'm in love
With writing songs
Play my cello
Sing along

Remembering those
Who've left this earth
We all will go
They just left first

With the time
That I have left
I will follow
The Big Treble Clef

Every song
I try to write
Makes my days
Upbeat and bright

I thank God for
Good cheer in song
Each one a journey
I travel on

Many facets
In each song
Learning, yearning
The road is long

Like a photo
Marking time
With each song
Making rhymes

Every day
Is best of year
When I journey
With song in ear

New Cello

My high back chair
Does rest my soul
And loves to hear
My New Cello

The way it stands
So straight and sleek
My New Cello
Is quite unique

The rosined bow
Glides right across
The beautiful bridge
It's pretty gloss

The silky notes
The mellow roar
It's soulful sound
I so adore

Personal Best Dreams

Right when the pandemic started, I decided I was going to sell all of my Ham Radio (KY6R) gear and get back into music. I’d been away from music 30 years.

In the 80’s I was impatient, young, had dreams of being a rock star but really didn’t put in the year or two of daily hard work, practice and study to become a fledgling or beginner level musician. I thought the new music gear would magically make me a better musician. I did take a couple community college piano classes and a song writing class, so I wasn’t 100% ignorant. Maybe 90%.

Youth surely is wasted on the young.

My new dreams are to do better and become a reasonably good musician and song writer. The journey is the goal this time. Ham Radio ran its course as a hobby, but I fully expect music will be something I’ll work at the rest of my life. I have finally jumped up one level from “hacker” to beginner. The Road is Long and Windy Young Grasshopper 🦗

Hey, there’s a song idea here!

I’m going to teach myself to play electric cello
Do your best
It's all you can do
Said the coach to the team
Do your best
Don't forget your dreams!

It's 1% inspiration
And 99% perspiration
Said the leader of the band
Do your best
Dream big, dream grand!

Practice makes perfect
It's a long game
Said the teacher to class
Do your best
Your dreams will come to pass

Most of all
Keep doing Your Will
Said the person to herself
Whilst running up the hill
Your best effort is your wealth

Inner Spaces

Inner spaces
Gentle light
Golden mornings
Purple nights

Winter shadows
Sing their song
Stretching out
Growing long

In the corners
Light peeks in
The darkened din

Autumn Love Affair

I love my wife
I'm so proud to say
But once every year
I go astray

When Autumn's Golden Light
Projects upon the colored leaves
I take up a mistress

I suppose my lover
Is Mother Earth
It can be no other
For what it's worth

The love affair
Is extraterrestrial
It's metaphorical
It isn't sexual

The day they put dimes on my eyes
There will be no rain or pain
With images of colored leaves
Indelibly etched on my brain

It’s Never Too Late to Love

It's never too late
To extinguish hate
The fire that burns
Man never learns

But we must try
And never lose sight
Unchain our fears
Do what's right

Love conquers all
Or so they say
Let's give it a try
Start a new day

Love Bomb

The Universal Force is Love
More powerful than hate
Be the change you want to see
Love will Make America Great

Never mind the charlatans
Money Changers, Crooks
They'll never know true happiness
They don't know where to look

Treat each other as you would
Like to be considered
Reap loves Golden Bounty Harvest
(Hate plants always wither)

Sometimes hate seems to win
As the story goes
Every time, the hate implodes
In one big final blow