Autumn’s Last Stand!

Like a fireworks show
They've saved the best for last
My neighbors Smoke Tree
Can't be surpassed

Its almost Christmas
Its a gift from Heaven
Or Father Christmas
And its turned up to eleven

The best gifts in life are free
Just like this tree
All you have to do
Is open your eyes and see

The Beautiful Haunting

I'm haunted by history
Olde Souls abound
Seem to come for me
(I've been found)

It's surely a haunting
Things from the past
Really quite beautiful
I'm never aghast

Hauntingly beautiful
Is what I strive for
Bittersweet Melancholy
What I adore

When I write songs
I'd like such a thing
Hauntingly beautiful
Sounds when I sing

But I don't sing
You'll never hear it
I'd like a guest singer
With an old soul spirit

The singer could be
A trains mournful cry
Off in a distance
In the wee hours of the night