Haters Hoedown

Its summer time
And you know what
Kick your neighbor
In the nuts

Pick your partners
Choose them well
Everyone else
Can go to hell

Haters Hoedown
White National Pride
Hunt down Congress
Make them hide

Extra points
For politicians if
You don't like
Their disposition

Dance around
The dee cee doh
Charlottesville was
The first to go

Who'll be next
What's your guess
Targets of
These Terrorists

Get the gallows
Hang em' high
Watch the bastards
Choke and die

We do it all
For the genius man
He'll give us riches
That's his plan

It's a Haters Hoedown
Here's the low down
People we don't like
We'll mow down

The Seance For Professor Drake

The Seance for Professor Drake
To try to find the key
To unlock clues to his murder
At State University

It was nineteen ten
Someone saw his face
In the athletic field house
Where the murder took place

Drake was putting away
The balls and nets
When out of a dark corner
His murderer he met

Professor Drake
Oh where can you be
We summons you now
Whose face did you last see?