No Warning

She ran to the station
Feeling no pain
The party ran late
And so did the train

She ran cross the tracks
The shortcut to home
She almost made it
She let out a groan

The train couldn't stop
The midnight express
It couldn't give warning
The site was a mess

She now walks the tracks
In her party attire
And runs back and forth
Like a free ghostly flyer


The crackle of the radio
The sound of distant thunder
The thing that separated us
Let no man put asunder

We never had a bond between
We never had a fight
Never had much of anything
That seemed even close to right

People make mistakes they say
And you were one of mine
And now that you've gone missing
Its you they'll never find


Radio, Music, Magic

There are few things 
These days
Left to the imagination
In this League of Nations
Radio, Music, Magic

Send a signal
Into the Aether
For all the world to hear
There's nothing quite so queer
Radio, Music, Magic

Turn your attention
To writing songs
A whole world exposed
Magic head to toe
Radio, Music, Magic

Over here
soothing elixir
That doth sooth thy soul
Your imagination is gold
Radio, Music, Magic

Still Life Surreal

Still life so real
Its not how it seems
Life is surreal
Nothing concrete

My life in tones
Camera trombones
Bourbon headphones
Existential Jones

Step on a crack
Dogs that go quack
Taken aback
By pulleys for snacks

Wish on a star
Milky Way Bar
Blue houndstooth car
Swordfish cigar

When you're in Rome
Carry a comb
Head made of foam
Whistles for scones

When you wake up
Feel your new dream
Life is surreal
Its not how it seems

Tone Photos

The Lumix LX-100ii is my favorite small camera

A good friend of ours recently called my music “Tone Poems”. I looked up what a Tone Poem is and found that (like Art Song) these terms are beyond my musical ability. I like the terms, but I’m just a 3 minute pop song writer with slowly improving musicianship – fast enough though!

But she is right about one thing, I like reciting my lyrics like poetry rather than singing. Its my intention, not because I’m not a good singer. With enough work and some coaching (like when I took Cello lessons) I could become an OK singer if I wanted to. I just have no interest.

HOWEVER, when I write a song it is always connected to photography. Photographs and graphic art always co-mingle in my mind in a delightful way. So, lets call these posts Tone Photos?

Greystone Alien Abduction

UFO Sighting Over Greystone Asylum
Its boarded up
And broken down
Insane asylum
In Morristown

There have been sightings
Of UFO's
The patients ghosts
Are in the know

Next time you walk
Past these hallowed gates
Whistle as you pass
They'll give you a break

Jimmy didn't whistle
He wasn't hip
He was abducted
By the alien ship

When we visited our friends in Livingston, NJ, we would always pass Greystone and it was very scary even in the middle of the day.

Supposedly, Woodie Guthrie spent time at Greystone.


Invasion of the ugly planet
The one man left to burn
The aliens have invaded us
They say its now their turn

They are the gorgeous humanoids
Complete with plastic skin
They want to fix our broken earth
Their work will soon begin

They don't know hate
They don't know greed
They sure do know
What this earth needs

Family Plot

Step inside
My newfound friend
Its the beginning
Not the end

There's a family plot
At the front of the house
Not a creature is stirring
Not even a mouse

The burial ground
Has been disturbed
Don't you worry
She's not perturbed

They say she wanders
Around at night
Giving the living
Quite a fright


I swear I saw
A child inside
Holding a flower
They say he died

Typhoid took him
Winter time
They put dimes
On both his eyes

Now there's laughter
In this house
Had been deserted
Not even a mouse

This young lad
He comes and goes
The Town of Bodie
A childhood ghost

The Late Arrival

We've been waiting for you
All these years
As you posed
In store windows
For people to see

We knew it would take time
For you to
Take these steps
Climb these stairs
To your eternal rest