Evil Politicians Roasting in Hell

I wrote my first Golang or Go program – which is a really cool computer language that Google sponsored, and where a few heavy hitters (from my day in the field) were co-developers.

The language is a really nice combination of C and Python, and by C, I mean Kernighan and Ritchie C. This makes it so easy for me to quickly pickup.

Best day so far on my new job.

Devolution and Magical Thinking

Magical Thinking Has Replaced Common Sense

While the name of this song is revolt, its actually the lack of people protesting where their very survival depends on it. Instead they protest that which saves them. I’ve never seen such a mass suicide, but Jim Jones and Jonestown was a minor precursor.

Witness the Red States who are on a dangerous bender to NOT have people vaccinated. See the GQP rally around this perfectly mirroring Idiocracy. Maybe Injecting Bleach or Brawndo will fix stupidity? What does the GQP get by putting their constituents lives and especially their children’s lives at risk?

America is Kaputski. Putin is loving it. Russia won’t be the winner of anything though – but they will help China beat all of us. We are all Lambs to the Slaughter, by our own stupidity.

This song is about people who put politics over their own survival. Mike Judge sure nailed it.

Self preservation
Is over rated
Anti vaxxers
Are parading

Giving fools
Their magical thinking
Anti truth serum
They be drinking

Who needs science
We have Q
He's our savior
How bout you?

Hold your Bible
Upside down
Sacrifice your kids
For the fat Orange Clown


The Verse and Chorus of This Song

Yesterday I listened back through my last year of “best” songs, and I’m very happy about the song ideas. The musicianship is better than I had expected, but I do know that I’m quite a step up from that time, and on several instruments.

The Bridge of this Song

While I’ll never win any awards, I do think I’d be great giving a band who needs song material some starter bits and pieces.

That’s my fantasy, that some band would want to take and run with a song idea of mine.

Camera Eye Puppet Theatre

Rolleiflex, Hassleblad, Argus

As you know, this series of Puppet Theatre is NOT to do puppet shows but a cover for doing still life photography. In fact, the 10 years I did Assemblage art were also to give me something to photograph. I’m now working on a puppet stage set that includes cameras as the backdrop – so it should be fun. Building miniature sets with all of the small pieces is the best part.

Speaking of music – I wrote this song today starting with the Piano. It’s either the first or second time I wrote a song starting with the Piano. I need to do this more – the Piano forces you to really have your music theory thinking cap on. On guitar – you can “noodle” around with chords and write a rock song very quickly – its true – if you know 2 or 3 chords – you can get something going fast – and without knowing theory.

The song is in the key of B – a key I’ve hardly ever used. I also added a lap steel part towards the end. This song is full of firsts for me.

The Piano has a layout that is so perfect for learning music theory and even site reading sheet music. It takes some work – but it is nowhere near as “abstract” as most stringed instruments. The keys are “linear” – laid out in ascending pitch and wherever you start – you can start playing a major or minor scale – with sharps, flats and tonic notes all in line. While I love all of my instruments, I do have a special place in my heart for piano. I think this happened in the 80’s when I heard little piano accompanying parts in R.E.M. songs -like “Don’t Go Back to Rockville”. Those little piano parts made the songs for me.

Best of all – playing chords and riffs on the piano is just plain fun!

Gold Train

Inspiration is More Precious Than Gold

Today was another fun day with the lap steel. I’ve noticed that I cycle through different instruments as far as where I get my inspiration from. Like a gold mine, I follow a vein and then move onto the next instrument.

Arrival (Lap Steel)

Lap Steel is Big Fun to Play

What sounds like a lead guitar is actually a lap steel – but played more like a regular guitar – and with a distortion pedal. I’ve been having “little epiphanies” lately about playing the Lap Steel NOT like country players do.

I’ll keep experimenting and trying to play the Mandolin, Violin and Lap Steel more as rock instruments than say country, bluegrass or folk instruments.

A Year Learning 7 Musical Instruments

1. Theremini, 2. Violin, 3. Lap Steel, 4. Mandolin, 5. Piano, 6. Guitar, 7. Bass

While I had played guitar and keyboards in a couple of bands in the 80’s, at that time I was seriously limited as a beginner. I developed writers block because I only tried a little to learn more than just the handful of guitar chords and also did a little site reading at the piano. I took 2 or 3 music classes at Chabot College and do got straight A’s, but once the kids arrived, that was that.

Fast forward 30 years later and I’ve now played 7 musical instruments on a regular basis – something nearly every day this past year. At the same time, I’ve been learning music theory, which is a tremendous help. Understanding the Circle of 4ths and 5ths, Intervals and chord theory makes a huge difference.

I haven’t had one day of writers block because with 7 instruments, there is always something new to learn. My best songs seem to happen as I’m learning and becoming a decent musician.

Couple all of this with Cubase and music technology, and because I record myself playing every day, that has forced discipline.

Its been a wonderful year, and while few will ever hear my music, I’ve been doing it simply for the joy of it and I have had some of the best fun ever this past year.


Iconic and Inexpensive Argus C3 Rangefinder

Next up in puppet fantasyland will be cameras. Yesterday’s train station photo shoot yielded more good photos than I expected, so using a puppet theatre as a still life photography “stage” is working out great.

Fun fact – I’m having fun trying to compose songs using the Lap Steel. I don’t play it the same as Country players play it. The same goes for Mandolin and Violin – I don’t play bluegrass style. I do respect any style of music with good playing.

Stay tuned for Cameraland.

All Aboard!

You Could Even Say They Glow

The Newton Train Station is ready for a photo shoot – which will happen tomorrow.

The Klown Family

Today’s song was written first using the mandolin and was a lot of fun and fell together quickly.

Having a great 4th of July. Not doing anything special, (well, art, music and cycling are always very special).

Homeward Bound

July 4 Weekend Will Complete This

I’ve had a great two first weeks on the new job. It’s everything I’d hope for – actually even a bit better, if that’s possible.

Todays song is a bit drone, dirge and full of melancholy because it was written in a minor key. I’ll have to share how I came up with this – its a totally new way for me as far as writing a song. Every now and then I like to break out of the “3 minute pop song mold”. Its just a little experiment, but these experiments are how I learn and improve . . .

I did write some lyrics to match the tone. Its a reflection on how that bastard crook Dump family almost ruined America, and how for the first time in 4 years I feel great on July 4th. I’m declaring my independence from the Dump Crime Family – as their business has been indicted, and as each slimeball in that family will get their turn.

Nearing the station
Just around the bend
We thought this trip
Would never end

Justice best served
On an icy cold platter
We didn't forget
That Justice Matters

Flying the flag
High in the 4th of July
America survived
The evil ex guy


We The People
Demand our country
Be fascism free

Let this be the funeral dirge for a dead and decaying Dump Crime Family Business. This is the icing on the cake after that scam bag lost the election.