Large Tree Next To Haunted House With Lichen

I’m done painting and decorating the haunted house. It turned out better than I had expected.

Not Exactly St. Peter at the Pearly Gates

The cemetery and gates / fence is almost done. I need to make it look weathered. The “mitre” was a funny happy accident.

I’ll be doing a Halloween photo shoot sooner than expected, so maybe I’ll do several.

Little House of Horrors

There is one time of the year I feel just like a little kid. Halloween, but also the entire harvest season.

We now have the best figs, Jimmy Nardello peppers, New Mexico Hatch green Chile peppers, tree fruit and our favorite of all, dry farmed tomatoes.

Combine the fall harvest with shorter days, cooler nights and Halloween, and top this delicious cake with fall colors and I’m a total kid again.

Today I continued work on my haunted house and cemetery, and they look great. I’m building most of the things, but I have purchased a few figurines and other “doo dad’s” and supplies.

Autumn officially starts in just over three weeks. Here, in Northern California, it seems like the “real fall” now doesn’t start until November.

If we keep getting this great daily fog – that we’ve had all August – and it keeps the fire smoke away, I’ll be very happy. As it is, we already are doing better than last year.

Fingers crossed, knock on wood.

Notebook Graveyard

Today’s song was my usual fun with electronica. It’s always fun to break things up every now and then.

Happy Acres

Welcome to Happy Acres

I got the haunted house painted black yesterday and also built the “Happy Acres” cemetery fence and gate built. I’ll use these for my next several photo shoots. I plan on having one for Autumn / Harvest Season, one for Halloween, and one for Thanksgiving. Then its Christmas and beyond.

Today’s song is meant to be a soundtrack to the cemetery, again, loosely in the Psychobilly vein – but maybe more like a gothic alt-Americana or Dead Country maybe. I had fun with three different Arturia V Collection 8 synth vst patches – using Piano, Solina and Buchla. I tried to create a “haunted music box” piano sound at the end of the song.

If you get tired of evil grifting politicians and greedy businessmen – just remember – there is a special place reserved for each and everyone of them at Happy Acres.

Welcome home
We've been waiting for you
You won't be alone
There's plenty to do

You can't live forever
You were mistaken
We're sure you'll love it
Right hand of satan

Its eerily quiet
Not even a peep
Your friends are buried here
Some are real creeps

We have politicians
And other such fools
Murderers, thieves, swindlers
Just like you

Evil pumpkins will guard
You'll never escape
You'll never go back
Make no mistake

Your place is reserved
In the pits of hell
Too late to repent
You na'er-do-well

Inebrianna Merkin

She was the queen of the faire
The one with flaxen dyed hair
Her beauty doth no one rebuke
Until she made us all puke

Drunk on power like dear old Dad
He’d date her because he’s a cad
A masher with clown orange hair
Her daddy Devil Don(‘t) Care

A Klan that is Kuku for Klux
Gives us acid reflux
The rich and the in-famous
Shits on the rest of us


Their main vice is insatiable greed
Power, their carnal need
White trash debutantes,
In their God Given Place
The One Percent Merkin White Race

Johnny Pigskull and The Gaping Maw

Johnny Pigskull – The Pig, The Myth, The Legend

I need to take a Halloween costume of just a pig nose and ears and glue them on one of the plastic human skulls I have under the house. Because this my friend, is:

The Ballad of Johnny Pigskull and his Porkestra, The Gaping Maw.

The Gaping Maw Porkestra has 4 players, so its technically a Porktet:

Stew Beef on the Bass
Chuck Roast on the Organ
Randy Hogg on Guitar
Chris P. Bacon on the Skins

Featured on KPIG, of course . . .

Pick Your Poison!

In Life – You Get to Pick Your Own Poison

Today’s photo shoot is about choices we make in life – good or bad. We have a lot more control over what we do than we think – but sometimes its a windy path and a lot of hard work and patience – both seem to have withered with the advent of the Internet and its “always on” and “swipe left or right” instant gratification. At its worst – it encourages a dangerous “Groupthink” that can be downright deadly.

Witness the rise in Covid in Florida and other states (now leading the world) – and this shouldn’t even be happening – we have been blessed with having the vaccine since Spring. Other countries still don’t have it. I’ve been amazed at how people will give up their basic human instincts to stay alive based on something they read, saw or heard on the Internet. But also – how selfish some people are. If they contract a preventable disease that they could have prevented – fuck ’em, the planet needs fewer people. But they have relatives that probably wish they would have made better choices, and more importantly – these selfish bastards are preventing others from being able to go to the hospital – and causing undo stress on first line health care workers.

The Internet was NOT supposed to usher in American Idiocracy – but it has. Its most ironic that the Internet was conceived by people who thought it would make people smarter – not dumber.

Morbid, dark, American Gothic Humor is what keeps me sane regarding this situation . . . Watch the Mike Judge movie “Idiocracy” and also Google “The Church of The Subgenius”. You’ll thank me…

Balcony Bob With His “Friends”
The Nosebleed Seats
Kate and The Killers on KILL Radio
Kate is Scary Good
Make No Bones About it – Kate Can Really Knock ’em Out
Kate and Her Band
Fresh on Shore Leave, Captain Karl and His “Booty”
Jeb! – The Singing Candelabra. Was Once Owned by Liberace. True Story!
Slim is Enjoying Tonight’s Show

Packet Capture Post Cyber Symposium Blues

Radium is NOT Good For You

My friend sent a picture and story of a poor bastard near Pittsburgh who basically believed the Snake Oil (Q)uacks and drank Radium Water (lots of it). Step right up!

Snake Oil – Q Approved

I take some morbid solace that [Q]uackery has been with us forever it seems. Salespeople tricking the gullible. Maybe the morons who still follow politicians and conspiracy theorists (who are selling today’s bullshit “cures”) – even as people are dying, isn’t a new phenomenon after all. Stupidity must be a genetic disposition – that’s Eugenics for ya!

You stupid asswads
Please Buck Up!
Dry your tears
Don’t be a chump

Someday soon
He’ll be reinstated,
Just have patience …

Soon he’ll s(h)it
On the right side
Of God, Blessed be,
For Q Anon


Hallowed be his holy name
In Don we Trust
Bigger than God
(Or Jesus)
Your Dollars = His Lust

Packet Capture Device

Reinstatement Celebration (St. Vitus Dance)

The “Reinstatement Celebration Dance”

Today we (didn’t) see incontrovertible evidence that the election was hacked by China. Trump (wasn’t) reinstated. My Pillow Boy DID do his usual St. Vitus Dance after finding out he and others CAN be sued for Billions. It IS Friday the 13th! (Traditionally a Good Luck day for me).

Pillow Boy needs to get some Dr. Miles Restorative Nervine.

I just wrote lyrics for a follow up song. This is WAY too much fun. In this song I actually played violin. That’s the one instrument I need the most practice on.

I also used a really crazy ARP-2600 patch. This follows the Moog Theremini theremin I used a few songs back, and I’m starting to love adding crazy noises which are called “histrionics”.

Another cool thing about this song – its the second this week where I played the most expensive guitar (Fender 60’s Telecaster Thinline – only American made) that I own and which I didn’t think had the value my Korean made Gretsches do, but now I know it does. Its an awesome guitar and took me a year to get here.

Yeah, Friday the 13th has been great for me. Not so much for some others …..

Dumpster Fire


There are many dumpster fires burning in America, but rather than add to that circus cry, I thought I would write some humorous lyrics – about a (non gender specific) fire fighter who has the “hots” for a new (non gender specific) fire department trainee. (Heh heh)

Fire fighters undergo rigorous safety training of all kinds, and I can only imagine those fake building fires they set in those towers next to their training facilities are quite the ordeal the first time they go through that.

Baby light my dumpster fire
You make me walk the wire
Your Nomex suit is my desire
Baby light my dumpster fire

Baby light my dumpster fire
Our flames can't go much higher
Although you know I'm a liar
Baby light my dumpster fire

Baby light my dumpster fire
You rattle my pair of pliers
What you sell has many buyers
Baby light my dumpster fire