The Psychobilly Train

The Train Has Left The Station

I’m really getting into Psychobilly and anything alto country, alt-americana. The more twisted, the better…

The Ugliest Of Ugly Americans

Americans With Their Heads Up Their Junctions

I wanted to try a psycho billy song, and I think I came close, and for some craziness, I added a Moog Theremini theremin. Its not often that a song could use a theremin. I will try to write a few more – this was huge fun, and I won’t ruin it by trying to sing or “sprechgesang”.

A little "love song"

He's a bloated
Fat orange pig
Worlds biggest phony
Even his wig

Spoiled brat weakling
Spoiled brat putz
When going gets tough
He hides like a schmuck

Yet he comes back
Like a bad hemorrhoid
Bobbing and squinting
Grifting's his ploy

Cons all his suckers
Takes all they're worth
Leaves them for dead
On his scorched earth

Racist and sexist
A self loving fool
Dumb as his spawn
His family jewels

All put together
Less than zero
Contributes to nothing
Nothing to show

Their day will come
And come it will soon
Karma is near
For this pack of goons

Laughing stock
Of the entire world
Their dimwit flag
About to unfurl

Jesus Ain’t Coming Back

This was a fun “laser cut puzzle” to build

I was listening to The Dead Country Radio Show and The Dead Roots Syndicate YouTube podcasts yesterday. These are great Alt-Country shows and you can hear the Johnny Cash “man in black” influence throughout the music – whether it be rockabilly, alt-country, bluegrass or some other hybrid sound. Just awesome. Kicks psycho billy up a notch or three…

I woke up (and with tongue firmly planted in cheek) wrote these lyrics. At 8 am I decided to try to write a song in 3 hours since I needed to go on a nice bike ride at 11. It is meant to be a song with dark humor – I’ve never been a protester, but I do try to be more creative about my feelings than just ranting – Lord knows there’s too much of that these days.

My all time psycho billy bands are:

The Cramps
The Gun Club

Its an OK song – I’m pleased that I could get something recorded right away. What I would love is a lower voice singer, singing like Johnny Cash or one of the many cool groups on those podcast shows.

It was fun to make believe.

Jesus ain’t coming back
Cuz he never left
We’ve ruined heaven
And he’s bereft

We took Gods good green earth
And made it crack
Jesus ain’t coming back

Jesus ain’t coming back
He left on a Northbound train
We worship idle politicians
Antisocial media pain

We took Gods good green earth
And made it crack
Jesus ain’t coming back

Jesus ain’t coming back
There’s just too much to fix
God said “they broke it, they bought it”
We’ve opened the door marked 666

We took Gods good Green earth
And made it crack
Jesus ain’t coming back

Nearing Autumn

I love Halloween even all these years later. I love Autumn, but with global warming, Fall doesn’t start until November anymore. With wild fire “season”, my love for it has been dampened. I dread the smoky days. However, we do have fall colors in my area here in Northern California.

We’ve recently had a few chilly evenings and even days, and while its still too early, it did remind me that Autumn starts in about 6 weeks, but here in Northern California, it only starts feeling like fall in about two months, maybe even a little bit more.

We have buckeye trees next to the dry Creek in our backyard, and they drop their leaves late July or beginning of August, so they give a first glimpse of Autumn. It’s more that they are dried out than anything.

The change in daylight is now noticeable. We have solar lights outside and they come on earlier and turn off later. Some aren’t getting as much sun, and those don’t stay on all night long anymore like they did at Summers peak.

Smoke Signal Telegraph

Incoming: Mother Earth Has a Message For Us

Today is the first day where Sierra forest fire smoke has caused our blue sky’s to turn an ominous orange. Its not too bad, but I expect we will now be in a pattern for the next two months. It never used to be this way – last August was the first time I’ve experienced such heavy smoke in the 39 years I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area.

I know its mostly global warming, but the lack of forest management for decades is a big factor. Locally, I’m very, very impressed with how much elimination of underbrush has taken place. In fact, now I can see nice creek beds with redwoods that previously were overgrown as high as 10 feet.

This area used to be ranch land with hills of grass and sparsely growing big old oak trees. Man built neighborhoods, planted like crazy, especially these really shitty Monterrey Pines – sold as a fund raiser by the Boy Scouts decades ago. Luckily many of those shitty weeds are now gone. They only grow sort of OK by the foggy coast – but even in Monterrey they are the worst looking trees, and I’m a tree lover. They dry up and attract beetles inland in my area, and become fire hazards. During rains they seem to get heavy and uproot. They cost thousands to cut down because they grow tall and wide. They lose their needles and many turn brown.

More and more people are installing solar, and if I stay here another 10 years, Ill also go solar. When I move ill look for places with solar.

I sold my car and have used a bike for 2 or 3 years, so I’m trying to do my part.

Anatomically Incorrect

At The Rave

Big fun with Lap Steel, Bass and Piano today. We’ve had the best weather this summer, but as if on cue, the smoke from the Sierra Fires are supposedly on their way here. I think last year it was just about August 10, so the timing is about right.

Lose to Win

Confuses Palm Readers

I’m losing weight, and its a lot of work. I decided to name this blog and song after some corny idea of a motivational speech on losing weight – or perhaps a goofy self help book that repeats the same three ideas for hundreds of pages.

Anyway, yesterday and today I had big fun with the 12 String guitar.

Epic Joke

What in God’s Green Earth Has Made Man So Stoopit? I think its the “Stylo – Glossus“!

Today we have preachers and politicians telling us a pandemic vaccine (that can prevent almost certain Delta Variant death) is “The Mark of The Devil” – or my favorite “You will be Microchipped by Bill Gates”. (OK – Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein – I did not see that coming) . . . . amazing that, but I digress . . .

If that’s not enough Philadelphia Enquirer style entertainment (shows my age – bwa-hahahaha) – how about a Pedophile congressman failing to successfully have rallies with a lunatic anti-vaxxer woman congress person who spreads conspiracy theories about “Q” Pedophiles. Or a Pillow Salesman crack addict who encourages a Sudafed snorting ex President to believe he will be ” reinstated” on August, Friday the 13th – and that he was heaven sent as if he were the second coming of Christ. Oy vey . . . [Jesus took the last train outta here – and he ain’t commin’ back – cuz we are just too stoopit . . . (as the conspiracy goes, even God said “I gave them the Earth, Moon and Sky but they broke it, they bought it – no returns or give backs”) ]

I think its global warming – that one or two degree increase has fried our brains?

I guess, me being super optimistic, all of this is modern fun and entertainment (right? is that what this is, really?). Donald Duck Trump will be dead sooner rather than later – and I can only imagine that history books (that no one reads anymore because they proclaim “TL:DR”) will have an epitaph:

Here he lies
Broken Hearted,
Tried to shit
But only farted
(Kick Me Hard - For a Good Time, call 666-666-7734)

I can only hope this Epic Joke is on me – and I just haven’t gotten it yet. You can all laugh at me on the count of
1 – 2 – 3 . . .

Huge new song idea based on this, I shall name him:

Bats in the Belfry. Seriously, I’m on it!

Kamerastan Photo Shoot

Camera Emporium – Featuring Old Film Cameras

Welcome to the Imaginary Puppet Theatre – where building sets is the business and no puppet show will ever be held. However, we do see puppets engaged and performing in these photo stills. So its am imaginary imaginary puppet theatre I suppose.

The Audience in the Balcony Seats . . .
Our Two Lovely Ladies Performing
On Stage Photographer
Jean-Paul – The Best in the Business
The KPIG Microphone
Imagine being a marionette trying to sing but not having a mouth that opens or moves . . . . Count your blessings!
Technical Theatre Shot


The Four Sophomores – Keep an Eye on Them. These kids are going somewhere

Great work week, good gym time, song writing. Can’t complain or ask for more.

I’m wrapping up my next (imaginary) puppet theatre sets so a photo shoot is in order for Sunday. Stay tuned.