Puppet Theatre Set Design

Imagination is the Real Journey in Life

Once I have the 8 puppet controllers built, which will be by end of this week, I can start on building scenery and props.

After that I can score music and start filming. I’m not sure if I will try stop motion, live action or a combination of both. I think before I decide, ill do a bunch of stills that explore lighting and whatnot.

As you can see, puppet theatre is an excuse for me to bridge my photography and music hobbies.

The Randy Politicians Defense

Panic at The “Gates” of Hell . . .

Soup Is Good Food

Graveyard Soup

Soup – just like your mother used to make . . .


Here’s one for all you 4:20 fans . . .

Something Lurks There

This started out a lot darker – but I’m not a dark goth person, so I had to work hard to make something of what started out as a gloomy fuzzed out bass line (actually quite a few parts – most of which I threw out).

Lat week I wrote a song that I also did not like at first – but a week later, and many listens, I like it now. Lets see if this weird song makes that grade.

Lonely Stage Hand

The Lonely Stage Hand – you know the type I’m talkin’ bout

You know the type
The one who keeps to himself
Smokes incessantly
Drinks bottom shelf

Got his first job
Aged fourteen
Never went to high school
Didn’t see the need

Votes party line
Pays Union Dues
Doesn’t give a shit
About the Evening News

He pulls the curtain
An ace on the light board
He knows his stuff
But is always ignored

(My) Piano Appreciation Day

I have a newfound love of the piano

Although I’ve always liked the piano, lately I find myself re- listening to rock songs that feature piano parts where (while usually a short passage), the piano made the song.

One such song is “Seeing Other People” by Belle and Sebastian and the other is “Outdoor Miner” by Wire. The piano parts match or exceed any guitar hero rock god solo – and as much as I love guitar, in rock music I think it sometimes is over rated. I can’t stand over the top non melodic guitar solos or long winded “jam band” noodling. I’m talking about rock and pop – Jazz improvisation is another story altogether.

Its funny how YouTube suggestions are getting me to revisit music I’ve just been taking for granted for decades. Rock and Pop music might be “disposable” to some degree, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be great or even timeless. There are some rock songs that I think are as good as any other genre.

But whether its Rock, Jazz or Classical, I always love the piano parts. Ill probably end up saying this about every instrument I love playing, but for today, I’m having a Bohemian Love Jones with the piano.

Lumbering Melancholy

Lumbering Melancholy is the Opposite to how I feel today

It took me a few days to write this song because I tried to write a slow song. That lead to a “lumbering” pace to the song, and the parts sounded almost like a dirge at first – until I spiced it up after the first half. I probably should have introduced the more upbeat ending sooner (that’s when the song gets a lot more interesting) , but I’m chalking this song as a good learning experiment.

We got our first Covid shots and the Contra Costa Health officials were just stellar. That and President Biden, V.P Kamala Harris and their administration – and its so clear how governing and managing is done correctly. Its hard to believe what they have done in ONLY 2 months! Its downright amazing.

They have restored my faith in the USA. Yeah its that big a deal.

As I mentioned before – my life won’t change much – except being able to go to the gym – but this “Covid Cloud” will be gone.

Lumbering Melancholy does describe the work week though, but if that’s what prompted this song its either unintentional or subliminal.

Happy Ana Lemma Day!

I Love my Violin!

Today is another precious day, a day to rejoice in. A few posts ago, I showed my “Tiny Desk Studio”, and you might have noticed the Geochron 4K digital clock. That clock / map is the only thing left from my Ham Radio station – which turned into my music studio. On that map is a cool thing called an analemma – which shows the earth and sun position. Google it for details – its fascinating. The vernal equinox was yesterday, and I’ve been absolutely enthralled with seed pods this year. Freeman Patterson wrote a book challenging the photographer to just photograph your yard for a year. I highly second this recommendation. Its amazing what we miss that is right in front of our faces. And its quite funny, actually.

Today’s big project – a New outdoor workbench

I had to use my old outdoor redwood work bench wood as floor joists in my basement “art dungeon”. My hope that the plywood under layment would just relax and lie flat never happened after almost a month of putting heavy weights on each corner.

Its Sunday, (Christian Holy Day) and while I’ve completely dropped all religion from my life (due to Americans worship of a Fake Prophet) I still do remember to rejoice in the day. I think I’m now a pagan, but if I were religious I’d lean toward Buddhism or Hinduism or other eastern religion. These religions seem to have much less hype than Christianity, and maybe? less hypocrisy. Not sure, and it really doesn’t matter.

Because I wake up each day I rejoice in every day, and I think I give thanks to God, wherever or whomever he/she/it is. This is because the beauty of nature and the ability to create, make and dream seem like an other worldly magic.

The Beatles and other 60’s denizens as well as the Beats dabbled in such things, and now I totally understand where they were coming from. Jack Kerouac channeled the best in my mind – especially in his great book “The Dharma Bums”.

Play the Lap Steel Like a Fretless Bass

A little imagination goes a long way

Lately I’ve learned to play several instruments in ways that are not typical. For example – the Lap Steel sounds a lot like a fretless bass, and a mandolin sounds like a piano.

Play the lap steel
Like a fretless bass
Re-inventing new sound scapes
New ideas to chase

Play the violin
Like a lap steel
Make new sounds
Make it surreal

Play the mandolin
Like a piano
Hammered Dulcimer
Perhaps an Oboe?