Haunted Harvest Moon

Happy Autumn!

Well, today is the first day of my favorite season. Last year was a total disaster and write off. Autumn was all but ruined by both the smoke from the fires, Covid, and the biggest asshole I’ve ever experienced – Dirtbag Trump. That year of politics running up to and even past the election was a total dumpster fire.

This year we were spared all of last years woe, and its been replaced by great weather, nice fall colors (already) and fun with my art and photography. My new job is better than the last .

Besides having big Halloween fun, I’ll be sure to celebrate Thanksgiving big time. I guess there is one thing about bad times, things can only get better, and man, what a difference a year makes.

Go look at that big Harvest Moon. Its beautiful.

Sgt. Pepper

The Real Sgt. Pepper

Crazy busy day, but I squeezed this little ditty in. I used the Theremini to start and it was set on the classic Theremin sound.

With a Nose and Hat Like That, He Was Spared the Frying Pan

Late Summer Scenes

Canadian Thistle Signaling End of Summer

On our bike ride to Alamo this past weekend, I saw a lone Canadian Thistle along the bike path – dried out as they do during summer.

Dried Out Beauty

Summer officially ends in just two weeks. I used to mark time in my Ham Radio hobby with how the radio band propagation changed – I could usually make better (farther) contacts during the Autumnal and Vernal equinoxes and the Winter months. Alas, I squeezed that hobby dry, so I don’t mark the seasons that way anymore.

Getting back into music and photography is going back “Whence I came” – hobbies I was into during the 80’s very seriously – especially from 1984 – 1994, when I lived in San Francisco.

Its been warmer the last several days, but the nights have been nice. Best yet – no smoke – just beautiful blue skies pretty much all summer except just a few days.

Twelve String Autumn

My Beloved Gretsch 12 String Guitar

I found more little hints of fall along my bike ride today. I also cut and painted what will become the Imaginary Puppet Theatre full moon with bats from a few blog posts ago. Big excitement here in Orinda this holiday weekend! Man, its so nice when you’re in your own world and loving it.

Today’s song is part of a love affair I’m having with my 12 String guitar because it somehow is lush like the Fall Colors.

Self Portrait – hahaha

I’ll do another photo shoot Sunday – it will be an early Halloween post, then I will probably do a Thanksgiving “pageant” set and finally Christmas. Stay tuned.

Fall Leaves

Amazing Grace – Filtered

There is one time every year where the natural beauty is so great, I swear to God I almost believe in God (again).

Au Naturelle

You know what, nature’s beauty always reminds me that “God” got the big bang started that led to all this beauty. Beauty that man can’t create himself. It truly is other worldly.

Today’s song is more folksy, and I think more fitting for fall leaves. This fall weather and pageant has me in a great thankful mood to try to write some pretty songs.

Then I’m sure Halloween will have it’s usual effect on me.

For several years now, my absolute favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. We do give thanks, and yes, for family, friends, the bounty of the earth and whomever or whatever did create all of this. I’m sure it’s something no one on earth really truly knows, and you know what, I like a good mystery every now and then.

Smoke Signal Telegraph

Incoming: Mother Earth Has a Message For Us

Today is the first day where Sierra forest fire smoke has caused our blue sky’s to turn an ominous orange. Its not too bad, but I expect we will now be in a pattern for the next two months. It never used to be this way – last August was the first time I’ve experienced such heavy smoke in the 39 years I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area.

I know its mostly global warming, but the lack of forest management for decades is a big factor. Locally, I’m very, very impressed with how much elimination of underbrush has taken place. In fact, now I can see nice creek beds with redwoods that previously were overgrown as high as 10 feet.

This area used to be ranch land with hills of grass and sparsely growing big old oak trees. Man built neighborhoods, planted like crazy, especially these really shitty Monterrey Pines – sold as a fund raiser by the Boy Scouts decades ago. Luckily many of those shitty weeds are now gone. They only grow sort of OK by the foggy coast – but even in Monterrey they are the worst looking trees, and I’m a tree lover. They dry up and attract beetles inland in my area, and become fire hazards. During rains they seem to get heavy and uproot. They cost thousands to cut down because they grow tall and wide. They lose their needles and many turn brown.

More and more people are installing solar, and if I stay here another 10 years, Ill also go solar. When I move ill look for places with solar.

I sold my car and have used a bike for 2 or 3 years, so I’m trying to do my part.

Revolution: Spaceship Earth

Another Revolution Around the Summer Sun

I’m reading a great book about the American Revolution by Rick Atkinson called “The British Are Coming”. I’m interested because using Ancestry, I found out that I have some British and German relatives who were in America before, during and after the Revolution.

As we approach August, Summer is already 1/3rd done. Back to School sales start and swim meets go through their final phase. The word Revolution meaning spinning is interesting that Revolution is a turning and a double entendre.

This year is far better than last in many ways and so far we have had a cooler than normal summer. The skies are blue and air quality is excellent. NYC has much worse air quality due to the Western Fires than I do, which is bizarre. The flooding in China and Europe and the Middle East is bizarre, while we are burning and running out of water.

I expect smoke and bad air this summer. Maybe this strong blast of icy foggy air will persist this summer? Wishful thinking I’ll bet.

The Earth seems to be in an Angry Revolution, and this makes any political movement or revolution absurd, silly and insignificant.

Mother Nature is Pissed.