Negativos y Positivos

2021 was a much better year
Than the one before
We're making progress
2022 we'll make more

Positivos want to build things up
Negativos tear things down
The sad negativos
Are self cancelling clowns

Karma is a boomerang
What goes around comes around
Be careful what you wish
Revenge and hate is an icey cold dish

Have a Beaux Arts New Year!

Seek Beauty and Kindness in the New Year – and may Peace be With You!

Beaux Arts Lamps, San Francisco
Beaux Arts in English
Means Fine Art
Which is the best thing
For a Great New Years Start

I've been a Computer Geek
In my long career
But my secret love
Has been Art and Music all these years

"Don't quit your day job "
I was told
I listened (and glad I did)
Cuz life (seems) bought and sold . . .

My joke on "The Man"
Is my "other plan"
Art was always in my Heart
That's how I stuck it to the man!

Have yourself a great year
Filled with Art,
Peace, Love and Good Cheer!

My Top Ten of 2021 List

Best of list
At Number One
My darling wife
And my two sons

Showing up
At Number Two
Composing music
What I love most to do

Now we get to Number Three
That would
have to be a tie
Cycling and Photography

Coming in at Number Four
Lifting Weights
Building strength

Number Five
My first thing
My new Cello
Hear it ring

Number six
Where I work
Home studio
A nice little perk

In at Seven
Little Box
Volt 476
Hear it rock

Number eight
Ample rain
Gives us water
To help sustain

Nine is something
Of a quirk
My long career
Computer Work

Number Ten
Is on my mind
Just popped up
People who are kind

I just wrote this Kerouac “stream of conscience” style. I wrote it as fast as I could with no reshuffling of the order. Its as honest as I could get. One thing for sure, there are many times more things in life that are beautiful and good vs. Negative and Bad. The beauty in my life just flowed naturally – I didn’t even need to think. Fall Colors is part of photography. Because I’m nearing the end of my long career, its not surprising where work is, but I know for sure that since I still love my work after all these years it has been a great career – more than just a job. Good health would seem to be number one, but because I believe in holistic mind, body and environment as affecting ones health that it is influenced by the things on the list. Good food is part of that and my wife not only is the best chef (better than any restaurant) she has taught me to eat and cook much better and healthier than I used to. Special mention – great coffee and great craft beer.

Look Ahead

Look ahead 
Follow the sun
The open road
Sounds like fun

We've travelled near
And journeyed far
Experienced so much
Driving in our car

Our world
Is the big wild west
Our personal oyster
The place we like best

The Next Horizon: 2022

2022 is the Next Horizon
2021 was a very good year
Much better than 2020
Which was the Year of Fear

There will always be
Cretins and clowns
Corrupt politicians
Trumps sad assed broken crown

While there was
Insurrection, Fire and Smoke
This past year 
Was filled with hope

Covid was put on notice
Its end will be near
Our drought is fading
Rain is finally here

Through it all 
We had great fun
Our love saw us through
We followed the sun

Our secret was
We chose to create
Art and Music
Instead of hate

Bramble On

Blackberry Brambles
Markers of time
Another gone year
Now it's behind

With each year
I learn something new
It's not what I have
But what I can do

Experience and memories
Treasures worth Gold
To all who are young
One day you'll be old

Time creeps up
And flies by so fast
But the things that we've done
Are the things that will last

You won't be remembered
By the things that you had
But the things that you did
That made others so glad

NORCAL Secrets

The secret to Northern California
Is the off season
When things are quiet
And also within reason

January and February
In Wine Country
Takes some imagination
Some creativity

We go to Napa and Sonoma
During Winter time
It's never crowded
We savor the Wine

Blackberry Brambles

Ring in the New Year
With a Wintertime hike
No matter the weather
It'll make you feel right

Go to a place
That you've been to before
But not for a while
A place you've ignored

You will find
A place from your past
Can reveal new meaning
Its a blast

These Blackberry Brambles
Had secrets to reveal
Their colored leaves
Hidden secrets unsealed

Colored leaves on Christmas
A new thing I've learned
With each year anew
Something new to discern

Winter Solstice Sun

The days are short
Casting the longest shadows
The true end of the year
New Years Eve is almost here

One cycle ends
The next begins
It may only be Winter
But soon Spring will be here

The Solstice Sun
More intropective
A special light
Against long nights

I used to count days
Looking ahead
With all these years
Now each day is dear

Raise your glass
Live in the day
Each day good cheer
Every day of the year

Holiday Cheer

For a short while
We will enter a world
Filled with smiles
And children's wide eyes

A time to reflect
On another New Year
A great Autumn Harvest
Followed by Holiday Cheer

Soon we will plan
The upcoming year
But for just a few weeks
Reflect on those you hold dear