Dream Wood

I came upon a dream wood
A forest much aglow
I knew not where it led
I entered very slow

It wasn't on fire
At least it wasn't burning
The positive light made me warm
It quenched my inner yearning

It made me calm
And soothed my soul
The vibrant light caressed me
I never wanted to go

I woke up then
With mornings rays
The vibrant sun peeked in
I gave my thanks for another day

New Day Sun

I’ve been playing Cello for 1 1/2 weeks so far. I have my first lesson via Zoom on Monday, and my Niece is my teacher. Pardon the songs lately because I’m a rank beginner, but trying to write songs for Cello is a fabulous exercise. Even though I’m getting older, it’s like the new light of a new day – learning something new makes me feel much younger.

No matter how young or old
You can do whatever you want
If it comes from your soul

If it's from the heart
You will succeed
Jump right in and start

With a song on your lips
And a whistle in the wind
No one can sink your ship

Love For The Fretless

Love for the fretless
Is neither bad nor reckless
If it moves your spirit
When you play you'll hear it

As you gently bow
You will surely know
If it moves your spirit
When you play you'll hear it

You might fiddle around
Then one day go to town
If it moves your spirit
When you play you'll hear it

Autumn Steps

Small garden steps
Strong and steep
Made of brick
Three foot deep

Always warm
And inviting
Garden path
Quite exciting

When the rain
Comes down
Golden leaves fall
Onto the ground


I was proven wrong
Still hanging in there
Colors prolonged

The colors fall
Like water over a cliff
In time for Thanksgiving
What a gift

I'm on the prowl
Eyes open wide
For scenes to capture
On my bike ride

New Testament

My fifth song with Cello. Its a challenge, but the more I play Cello, the more I love it.

This a New Testament
Religious, in a pagan way
Worshipping Nature
What God hath made

No need for text
Prose or sermons
Just open your eyes
Your soul is yearning

Gentle thoughts
Relaxing and kind
Opens your soul
Opens your mind

Thankful Moon

This November
Subtle beauty
Arrived so soon
With Beaver Moon

On the heels
Of Great October
Trees fading glory
Unfolding story

On to December
With chilled night air
Not so fast!
We have to give thanks

The Beaver Moon
The Thankful Moon
Thankful for
What we adore

What we adore
And give our thanks
Our quiet thoughts
That can't be bought

On My Way Home

On my way home
Off went the call
Five alarm beauty
Fire color wall

These vibrant colors
More sparse and bare
Look at these hold outs
Pockets still there

It's as if
Something doth say
Keep taking pictures
Don't put your camera away!

Thanksgiving Eyes

Late Fall colors Beckon
Just when I gave up
They call me back
I reckon

This tree
Just down the street
On my way to town
I had to stop and greet

On the way home
Trees of many colors
Caught me by surprise
A feast for Thanksgiving Eyes

The Minds Eye

The Eye has a better lens than a camera
It's fantastic
What we humans see
When our eyes are open

The Internal
Affects the External
When our eyes are open
Autumnal or Vernal

The External
Influences our brain
Bringing pleasure
Or pain

Autumn's paradox
Such color in death
Vernal is green
A baby's first breath

Images beget moods
Color the minds eye
Accentuate the positive
Or scare us deep inside

Take the moon
You'll either sing
Clair de Lune
Or songs filled with doom

You get to choose
Decide what you see
Darkness and sadness or
Light and Beauty