Chief Broadcast Engineer

Chief Engineers

Radio Transmitter Engineers are becoming a thing of the past. It seems like a career choice few would make in today’s Internet Age. I can’t even imagine my kids generation even knowing that this is a career choice.

Of course, in my world, I get to make believe that Radio Broadcasting is the next big thing. Call me an old soul stuck in the 1920’s …

Cod Peace Head

Full Stage with Transmitter, Engineers, Audience and Performers
On The Air!
Engineers Have It Under Control
KLAM at 1500 Watts
KLAM Live!
Big Mouth at the Mic

Kiss the KLAM
The Live Studio Audience

To commemorate the (almost) beginning of summer, I offer you Cod Peace Head Broadcasting’s Summer Beach Spectacular. Cod Peace Head, located on the quaint Maine coast in the imaginary seaside hamlet with its peaceful beach and great fishing.

Everything about Cod Peace Head is imaginary – from the “Song Ideas” to the characters, to the olde tyme radio broadcasts and call letters.

The silly double entendres are free, but believe me, I just wasted a minute or three of your valuable time!

Ode To Radio

Philco Tombstone Radio

Of all mans inventions, my favorite is the radio. The fact that someone conceived the idea that we could communicate via wireless is fascinating. While I understand the science behind it – it still seems like “magic”. In a world that seems less and less magical, at least radio has always been there for me.

I grew up in a small town 60 miles northwest of New York City and 116 miles north of Philadelphia. We could receive stations from both cities and all points in between and at night, on AM Radio – half way across the country. On shortwave, we could listen to the world.

An old piano
A Standup bass
Sad Mandolin

Across the night
Signals fade out
Then back in

Highway stretch
Across the desert
Nothing but stars

Hear the music
The DJ's voice
In our cars

Mysterious radio
Wonderful sounds
Recalling our memories

We remember
Our youthful past
Bathed in melody

Defund Our Freedoms

Gretsch Lap Steel Guitar

I grew up about equidistant between where Biden and Trump started out. Trump was known as a big mouth spoiled brat schmuck in the NYC metro area. Biden is a regular guy.

My father had dementia in his last few years, and while he misplaced things and was a little confused, he didn’t slur like Trump is doing – and its gotten a lot worse just this year.

I don’t think Trump is the problem, but worry about how many people in the US can be so stupid or wanting of a two bit dumb fat ass wannabe dictator. Its the 40% or so morons in this country that are the problem. Besides, Trump won’t be around much longer – at least not in a healthy state. He is rapidly declining.

I wrote this song about this, but won’t even waste my breathe on it. The music sound is meant to be as “off kilter” as these American Morons.

Demented Loser
A Freudian Slip
Slurs like a boozer
White Power Trip

Narcissist Geezer
Commander in Clown
Fat Humpty Dumpty
With broken crown

Wears his pants backwards
Or that's what they say
Psycho pandemic
Who won't go away

America's broken
So many fools
Kissing the ring
Of a demented Ghoul

Puppet Radio Station Transmitter

Transmitter Mock Up #1

In college I was a DJ at their very small and simple radio station WLHU (Lock Haven State College). When I was 13, I got my first Ham Radio license. I still hold the FCC call sign KY6R, but I’m no longer active. Anyway, I’ve had a life long love of radio, even though the Internet has made it obsolete.

Transmitter Mock Up #2

This song started out as a diatribe against the absolute insane political bullshit going on in the US – with Trump and his kool aid drinking Maggots bringing “sore loser” to new all time lows (hence the “clown car calliope” sound), then I said “fuck it, get yer lederhosen on and lets dance to punk oom pah pah or polka”.

For you serious synthesizer geeks – the synth used is a Buchla Easel. Yeah.

Transmitter Mock Up #2 is something I will build for the puppet theatre. I will have an old tymie radio orchestra that will go with stage I’ve built. Rather than be literal about the transmitter, I’ll use these guys, who are made of radio parts:

I will house these guys in a formal transmitter cabinet and place the old meters and some knobs so it implies a transmitter.

This will be fun. I’m back into creative mode now that my job change is now complete.

Mind Full


A double entendre on mind filled and mind full. This song seemed to write itself in about 3 hours in my tiny desk studio.

Goth Police


Imagine if the 70’s / 80’s power pop band The Police were Goth. I think they might sound a little like this song

Fly Away

Purple Glass Insulator

On The Road to the Summer Solstice

All Roads Lead to the Summer Solstice

I always enjoy the Summer and Winter Solstices and the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes. Does this make me a pagan or druid? I do have Celtic and Germanic DNA. I’m equal parts Anglo and Saxon. I’m not religious, so I’m a WAS not a WASP.


The Phat Lady Doth Singeth!

Phat Lady on KLAM Radio

The phat lady doth singeth today – on the phone – I have the new job and it happened very nicely and fast. The IT industry had these years ( recently) where the hiring process was so painful – I can tell that things have changed for the better. I even had multiple offers.

Life is good today (especially). A day to celebrate for sure.