Park Bench

A fun and quick little project

I made the seat and back yesterday and the two upright parts today. It’s made for two puppets to sit.

Puppet Theatre Test Shots

The stage is done

Today I turned on my LED photo lights for the first time. I just used my simple and silly phone for a bunch of test shots. Turns out, the side light from outside is really nice on the puppet stage and Proscenium.

All I need now is one little maroon drape and curtain / bunting around the stage.

I also did finish the park bench. It’s glued and drying as I write this.


Franz Joseph sure had some Gall

While Phrenology was a fad and pseudoscience – it is kinda cool and fun anyway. The old illustrations re very cool indeed.

Today’s song includes a “happy accident”. I didn’t care to just play a blues guitar part, so I started just “scratching” on the strings before the bridge-piece. It sure sounded cool – and I kept it as a “sort of” guitar part.

I did finish the raised stage and stage curtain uprights and rod. Tomorrow I will build a park bench – just because it can be used for many, many scenes.

Dress Rehearsal

Skull Boy and Aunt Hermine

I built the stage deck today out of two pieces of an old Ikea butcher block table top. I’ve used that table top for quite a few things – synthesizer stand, drum box easel and now the stage.

I also have the curtain rod done. The upright parts are the last of some 1/2 inch iron pipe I had laying around and a piece of aluminum from an old ham radio antenna.

I even started building a park bench where up to two puppets can sit at any one time.

I just love building these miniatures. The thought process of thinking in scale is way more fun that I had ever imagined.

My Joke on the World

More fun miniature ideas

I may never create an actual puppet show or even do a stop motion or filmed feature. I’m having WAY too much fun building miniatures.

Just like my music, its all about the fantasy of putting on a show. My music is more a cache of musical ideas than finished and polished pieces. When I played at The Hotel Utah in the 80’s, the work leading up to the show was great fun, but once I got on stage, it was a real disappointment.

I live for my daily notebooks with colored pencil sketches, photographs, miniatures and recorded sound pastiches.

I guess the journey really is always the reward. Another way of saying “Live in the moment, not the future”. Thank goodness I learned this in my 20’s. I promised myself I wouldn’t die regretting what I didn’t do.

I’ve secretly made fun my #1 priority. The joke is on the world. (They will never know!)

Puppet Theatre Miniature Piano and Microphones

Piano with Bench and Two Microphones

I’ve completed my first miniatures for the puppet theatre – and now I have enough props to do a first photo shoot and small puppet music video.

With Black Piano Keys!

The scale is 1:5 – meaning the piano and bench are 1/5th the size of the real thing. I’ll do a proper photo shoot soon. My workshop and puppet theatre are now fully organized, and I have all my tools and wood and other tchotchke’s organized like a pro.

KLAM is an AM radio station in Cordova, Alaska. Funny logo – and what a beautiful part of the world. I chose KLAM because for me – it has great possibilities as an acronym – I’m working on the ultimate one. Keep Listening (to) Alternate Music is my best so far. Share your ideas with me.

As I understand it – they used these call letters in the movie Stand By Me as a fictional Portland, Oregon rdio station – that’s good enough for me. That’s a superb movie. In any case, its just a fun set of call letters.

I’ve got a new song brewing – with a killer bass line. Watch for it in the next few days.

Garden Art

I completed a small set of brick steps a few weeks ago

One of things I do is rebuild rock walls and steps and other garden “hard scaping”. Sure, I plant and water and trim plants – but I like the garden “architecture” part of the deal – where the hardscape then hints at where you should plant stuff.

For the last several years I use materials that are recycled – from iron I beams to wood, stone, old brick, etc

Because we have started having rolling blackouts in the fall – during high wind and fire season, I have solar garden lights out front and on my deck. When the lights go out – we aren’t in the dark.

New Piano!

Aunt Hermine loves her new piano

I have this old oak box and with a few cuts, it’s starting to look like a piano. At least a marionette piano. It will be pretty easy to add nice finishing trim, a music shelf, black and white keys, and the legs and front bottom parts.

More Songs About Miniature Things

I Use Redwood Scraps and Basswood

I have a new song written with a great guitar and Farfisa organ part. Ill add a baseline and one other part to accent the end if the song – perhaps Solina synth strings or choral or maybe my favorite “old radio” tack piano part. I really like keeping space in each part so its not as busy as many (most?) Of my songs so far. However, I think its natural to go a bit overboard and then learn finesse – I do believe finesse is a sign if some kind of maturity …

I’m done building my 1:20 scale puppet model and need to paint it. Its turning out great.

I bought some Dremel accessories. Luckily, I had several brand new Dremel tools hardly used since about 2008 or so. Now I’m making great use of them building these puppet theatre props and whatnot. I love designing and building my own scale models. I use leftover redwood scraps and some hobbyist bass wood and dowels I got at my local hardware store.

Stay tuned, as always, making is the journey – be it music, woodworking or other.

Red Piano

Puppet Theatre 1:20 Model (right) with Red Piano

My first attempt at building a miniature scale model out of bass wood is the Puppet Theatre. I’ll make a proper post of it when finished.

That starter experience now has me thinking about the next project and it will either be a Red Piano or a Park Bench.

By sketching first, I can figure out how I will fabricate and join each part. I did finish the 8 vertical puppet controllers yesterday, so now I can start building props and even sets for my puppet skits. Just having one puppet who has a moving mouth play the piano would be a great first little skit, so I think I’ll do that.