Chief Broadcast Engineer

Chief Engineers

Radio Transmitter Engineers are becoming a thing of the past. It seems like a career choice few would make in today’s Internet Age. I can’t even imagine my kids generation even knowing that this is a career choice.

Of course, in my world, I get to make believe that Radio Broadcasting is the next big thing. Call me an old soul stuck in the 1920’s …

Cod Peace Head

Full Stage with Transmitter, Engineers, Audience and Performers
On The Air!
Engineers Have It Under Control
KLAM at 1500 Watts
KLAM Live!
Big Mouth at the Mic

Kiss the KLAM
The Live Studio Audience

To commemorate the (almost) beginning of summer, I offer you Cod Peace Head Broadcasting’s Summer Beach Spectacular. Cod Peace Head, located on the quaint Maine coast in the imaginary seaside hamlet with its peaceful beach and great fishing.

Everything about Cod Peace Head is imaginary – from the “Song Ideas” to the characters, to the olde tyme radio broadcasts and call letters.

The silly double entendres are free, but believe me, I just wasted a minute or three of your valuable time!

First Puppet Theatre Photo Shoot

Its a GREAT day – I’ve worked for months to get to this point. In some ways, today is “Day One” as far as this crazy puppet theatre idea goes. Its all started one afternoon – I had several weird thoughts that came together . . . . . take my music and combine it with creepy puppets – somehow. Video? Still Life Photography? YES to both and anything else that I can conjure up.

You will see a skirt around the stage – and also two backdrops – one is the constellations, and the other is a standard stage looking curtain that is maroon. My wonderful wife Kat taught me how to sew this weekend with her cool high tech sewing machine. So yeah – the biggest part of this is that I made everything – from the subfloor that I stand on when building “miniatures” – like the bench the audience is sitting on, to the piano – and the microphones.

Here are 10 photo’s out of a big photo shoot that made todays “cut”:

The cast and audience
TADA! Your Guest for tonights show . . .
The audience with Aunt Hermine – singing her heart out
Skullboy waits for his moment . . .
Radio KLAM is so lucky to have Aunt Hermine . . .
KLAM’s Famous “Here’s Lookin’ at Ya” microphone . . .
Is that a song – or a scream of terror?
Tequila Jack and Patty – she just likes to skate . . . .
The Ed Skullivan Show is over for this Sunday . . . .

Oh well – that was a nice weekend. Guess its back to the sausage factory tomorrow . . . .

Puppet Theatre Backdrop Drapes and Stage Riser

Drapes and Riser

Its amazing how many things you need to consider when building “miniatures” for a puppet theatre. In actuality, the puppet theatre is my still life photography “set” and maybe even a filming set.

The stage “riser” is built and last night, we went to our local Joann Fabric store, which was great fun. This weekend, my wife will teach me how to use her sewing machine. Besides a back curtain in maroon, I have two really fun backdrops that you’ll see in upcoming posts.

Stay tuned

Puppet Theatre Lighting

Setting up lighting

I installed two very cool lighting extension bars that let me hang my photo lights from the ceiling. I had to do that because there just isn’t enough room for lighting stands and the camera tripod. With the lights hanging down, it also means there are no stands to get in the way of the photo.

I’ll only have one light on a stand – a portable LED array that has “barn doors”.

Next up is a stage curtain and small apron for the stage. Then I’ll create some backgrounds and background things like buildings, trees, etc

Park Bench

A fun and quick little project

I made the seat and back yesterday and the two upright parts today. It’s made for two puppets to sit.

Puppet Theatre Test Shots

The stage is done

Today I turned on my LED photo lights for the first time. I just used my simple and silly phone for a bunch of test shots. Turns out, the side light from outside is really nice on the puppet stage and Proscenium.

All I need now is one little maroon drape and curtain / bunting around the stage.

I also did finish the park bench. It’s glued and drying as I write this.

My Joke on the World

More fun miniature ideas

I may never create an actual puppet show or even do a stop motion or filmed feature. I’m having WAY too much fun building miniatures.

Just like my music, its all about the fantasy of putting on a show. My music is more a cache of musical ideas than finished and polished pieces. When I played at The Hotel Utah in the 80’s, the work leading up to the show was great fun, but once I got on stage, it was a real disappointment.

I live for my daily notebooks with colored pencil sketches, photographs, miniatures and recorded sound pastiches.

I guess the journey really is always the reward. Another way of saying “Live in the moment, not the future”. Thank goodness I learned this in my 20’s. I promised myself I wouldn’t die regretting what I didn’t do.

I’ve secretly made fun my #1 priority. The joke is on the world. (They will never know!)

Copper Tube Proscenium

Copper pipe worked great

Yesterday I posted a picture of a pretty snazzy puppet theatre proscenium / arch but it turns out, the scale was not right for anything ornate. I also wondered what color would work. Both texture and color are perfect and the lines also match the rest of the theatre. It is the bow on the package.

End cap detail

I wrote another great Baseline and will complete a song tomorrow.

Puppet Theatre Miniature Piano and Microphones

Piano with Bench and Two Microphones

I’ve completed my first miniatures for the puppet theatre – and now I have enough props to do a first photo shoot and small puppet music video.

With Black Piano Keys!

The scale is 1:5 – meaning the piano and bench are 1/5th the size of the real thing. I’ll do a proper photo shoot soon. My workshop and puppet theatre are now fully organized, and I have all my tools and wood and other tchotchke’s organized like a pro.

KLAM is an AM radio station in Cordova, Alaska. Funny logo – and what a beautiful part of the world. I chose KLAM because for me – it has great possibilities as an acronym – I’m working on the ultimate one. Keep Listening (to) Alternate Music is my best so far. Share your ideas with me.

As I understand it – they used these call letters in the movie Stand By Me as a fictional Portland, Oregon rdio station – that’s good enough for me. That’s a superb movie. In any case, its just a fun set of call letters.

I’ve got a new song brewing – with a killer bass line. Watch for it in the next few days.