After fixing yesterday’s attempt at a song with vocal melody – I decided to try to write a song in the key of B – and I saved the song in Cubase as “bees” – jokingly. Then I wrote the lyrics – and like the guitar chords – they just flowed out. The vocal melody was easy as could be – its exactly the kind of song I can sing given my limited singing abilities. (I will most likely take voice lessons – but I really need to figure out how I want my voice to sound. I know I don’t want to sing opera, art songs or lounge music. I want edgy sounding singing – and am not interested in “pretty / choir boy”). But I digress . . . . Then the Cello / Bass and Piano just rolled out lickety-split . . . Then I remembered an Assemblage piece and Photo I took years ago that had a bee in it – and Voila!

Funny how this all works . . . its a cool journey for sure!

There was a crooked man
Who lived in a crooked house
He made a mess of everything
He really was a Class A Louse

He shot himself in the foot
He kicked himself in the ass
He kicked himself so hard
That he ran out of gas

There was a decent man
Who lived a life of love
He honored everyone he met
He was sent from heaven above

The people loved him back
They knew he really cared
The strength of love was everything
Everything he had he shared

There was a hive of bees
Where all the honey was made
The bees all worked together
The honey was the finest grade

The sweetest honey wins
The peoples hearts and minds
If you want some honey
You have to be very kind

I Ching But I Don’t Sing

I tried to sing today
But its just not my way
I stumbled around
Learned something profound

I wrote a very nice melody
Then the Cello part came to me
I plucked on the strings
And bowed till they ringed

I can write for a singer
Someone whose a dead ringer
Someone who sings powerfully
Please contact me ...

Voodoo Lounge Singer

Within a couple of weeks we have a Buckeye tree that will start to bloom. It always happens by mid February. There are other trees that have white flowers that bloom by this same time. I’m going to try to write a song with a melody based on Spring since we are getting close to Mardi Gras, which here in Orinda is a sort of early spring.

I’m posting my “Friday Intention”. Pray for me – I’m going to try to sing! Check back later to see if it actually happens.

Madame LeVey at The Crystal Skull Voodoo Lounge
I woke up 
On the right side of the bed
This new silly song
Dancing in my head

I'm in a great mood
Like a happy school kid
On this sunny Friday
I think I'll sing

I started out
With a melody
On the grand piano
That was the Key

I matched my voice
With this melody
Note for note
Now let's see

Like everything else
It will take time
But first tries are good
They're never a crime


Voodoo Lounge Singer
New Voodoo Mic
Holy Mardi Gras
Spring is within site!