Intergalactic Collect Call

Late at night
The message arrived
From Centauri Sector Nine
A chill went up my spine

Through the static crash
I heard a muffled voice
The being on the phone
Shrieked and then moaned

The message then got clear
I heard it with both ears
The voice said in great fear
"We've just run out of beer!"

The Halloween Tree

Don't you worry my friend
The park downtown
Sees this once a year
It's really Nothing to fear

The Halloween Tree
His Bark is worse than his bite
Late at night
He gives such a fright

His trunk grows arms
His Bark becomes armor
His branches swords
It quite the horror

As soon as the day is done
On All Hallows Eve
The fright goes away
He's dropped all his leaves

Forest Fire of Color

I'm so glad
You were spared
Left to grow
Your leaves aglow

Rain has started
Pray for more
Forests dry
Consumed by fire

Action needed
By you and me
Prevent the trees

It’s Never Too Late

Governments are fiddle-y
While Earth burns

A show of force
Let's use our Power
Change our course

It's been forever
Since all good people
Came together

It starts at home
What we can do
We're not alone

Ride a bike
Avoid the car
Walk and hike

Avoid packaging
Make dolphins smile

Use your hands
Up-cycle, reuse
You'll be glad

If everyone
Did one small part
What a great start