Still Life Surreal

Still life so real
Its not how it seems
Life is surreal
Nothing concrete

My life in tones
Camera trombones
Bourbon headphones
Existential Jones

Step on a crack
Dogs that go quack
Taken aback
By pulleys for snacks

Wish on a star
Milky Way Bar
Blue houndstooth car
Swordfish cigar

When you're in Rome
Carry a comb
Head made of foam
Whistles for scones

When you wake up
Feel your new dream
Life is surreal
Its not how it seems

Theatre de Absurd

When life
Is stranger than fiction
And you try to make sense
Of an alien diction

Embrace the strange
Don't hold back
You just never know
What's down the track

What's down the track
Could seal your fate
From just another day
To a future that's great

The Flying Time Paradox

Time flies when you're having fun
Therein lies the quirk
You want to have more time for fun
But that's not how it works

The more time that you get
The faster that extra time flies
Its better than the alternative
Your life you could despise

If you want more time
Live your life in misery
Then the days will never end
Just you wait and see

I'll take fast but fun
That's always been my plan
Live a super fast happy life
Enjoy it while you can

Intergalactic Collect Call

Late at night
The message arrived
From Centauri Sector Nine
A chill went up my spine

Through the static crash
I heard a muffled voice
The being on the phone
Shrieked and then moaned

The message then got clear
I heard it with both ears
The voice said in great fear
"We've just run out of beer!"

The Four Leaf Clover

Life is Hauntingly Beautiful
Use your time wisely
Run up the clock
You just never know
When it will stop

Reward is the journey
Experience rules
No time to waste
Don't suffer fools

Fill up your cup
Let it run over
Every day
Is a Four Leaf Clover


Life is not 
A series of tubes
Or a big truck
Don't be fooled

Life is not
An Internet Meme
Its real people
Soylent Green!

Life is not
A reality show
But a comedy
Don't you know?

The Library

When I was young
Preacher man
Said everything
Has its Place,
That I Was part of
God's great Plan

I don't know
About you
But something
Isn't right
About this
Place and Plan

I tend to think
If everything
Has its Place
Then we are books
Ready to be checked
Into a library