A Walk in the Park

The more positive I get
The better I feel
When in my youth
That was the real deal

When you were young
You lived for the weekend
Not a care in the world
So much energy to spend

You were oblivious
To the news and world events
You were in your own world
It was heaven sent

When you looked around asking
Where might love be found?
Driven by raw hormonal power
With your head in the clouds

The days grow shorter, alas
Seek out those carefree days
If mind over matter is true
We might revert to younger ways

Take a walk in the park
See the light, not the dark
Remember how youth felt
Try to rekindle that spark

A Little Bird Told Me

I built a little house
For a little bird
He thanks me every year
Without saying a word

He sings a pretty song
Accompanied by his mate
They watch out for each other
And their fine estate

I don't charge them rent
They live there Scott Free
They pay me in song
A beautiful gift indeed

The Power of Gratitude

More than ever
I'm finding
The power of gratitude
Is the right attitude

I'm an ex-cynic
With acerbic wit
My fists were clenched
(I wasn't a mensch)

Love truly conquers all
It makes the bullies fall
They can't break your wall
They can't get your gall

The unbearable
Lightness of being
Can only happen
With laughter

The face works hard
To make a frown
Smile instead
Break angst down

Above all
Give daily thanks
Gratitude is Powerful
You can take that to the bank

On This Thanksgiving Eve

Time flies
When you're having fun
When you're with the right one
Its second to none

Grateful are
Those who know
Its deep within and not a show
Together we grow

On this Thanksgiving Eve
Its hard to believe
The beautiful web we've weaved
The Gods above must be pleased

Let The Festivities Begin!

Our first house guest will be arriving. This tree was right across from my gym in Orinda. Many people took this week off from work so it sure feels like the Holidays are here.

There's plenty in this world
To be thankful for
Life is never perfect
But somehow we always endure

Be the change you want to be
Wiser words could not be said
Treat others as you'd like to be treated
To have a friend, be a friend

Combat strife and bad news
Do not give in to others gloom
Play music daily from your heart
Loud enough to fill a room

Giving thanks every day
Chases all the blues away
Something happens when you do
Skies turn blue no longer gray


This holiday season has a couple of reunions that I’m looking forward to – people – even loved one’s we haven’t seen for quite a few years. This “song idea” was written to make it easy to write a Cello part – which I’ve been learning for a week so far . . .

Like these acorns
Old friends and family
Are reuniting
I'm quite excited

I guess in life
Some paths cross
And some do not
An odd thought

At any one day
At any one year
People you've known
Come and go

But its so nice
When we meet again
Long lost family
Long lost friends

Thanksgiving Eyes

Late Fall colors Beckon
Just when I gave up
They call me back
I reckon

This tree
Just down the street
On my way to town
I had to stop and greet

On the way home
Trees of many colors
Caught me by surprise
A feast for Thanksgiving Eyes

Giving Thanks For You

Thanksgiving Two Years Ago in Oregon
The Fall Leaf Trail
Leads us to Thanksgiving
With you
Life is worth living

We travel and see
The bounty of Earth
And it's beauty

There's nothing
Like my time with you
I cherish it
And all that you do