The Flying Time Paradox

Time flies when you're having fun
Therein lies the quirk
You want to have more time for fun
But that's not how it works

The more time that you get
The faster that extra time flies
Its better than the alternative
Your life you could despise

If you want more time
Live your life in misery
Then the days will never end
Just you wait and see

I'll take fast but fun
That's always been my plan
Live a super fast happy life
Enjoy it while you can

Bramble On

Blackberry Brambles
Markers of time
Another gone year
Now it's behind

With each year
I learn something new
It's not what I have
But what I can do

Experience and memories
Treasures worth Gold
To all who are young
One day you'll be old

Time creeps up
And flies by so fast
But the things that we've done
Are the things that will last

You won't be remembered
By the things that you had
But the things that you did
That made others so glad