January Surprise

I’ve been learning how to play Cello the last 8 weeks. All of my songs since then have Cello instead of the usual Bass Guitar I used to play.

This is the first time I’ve ever written an entire song using the Cello. Huge shoutout to my niece Nisha, my Cello teacher and a fantastic one at that!

Its always wise
To open your eyes
Else you'd miss that
January Surprise

The start of the year
Usually unclear
New beautiful skies
January Surprise

Look up not down
No need to frown
Mustard on the rise
January Surprise

Shades of November

High above the telegraph wire
A Winter Moon that does inspire
Familiar, and as I remember
I saw the same thing in November

I never liked January
It always seemed bleak to me
But now I've opened my eyes
To this beautiful new surprise

Every month has it's gems
Just look round the bend
Take your camera and look
Round every cranny and nook

First New Moon Rising

The first new moon is here
Ringing in the New Year
What new things lie ahead?
What new ground we'll tread?

Pumpkin moon a good luck sign
Wineries prepare their vines
Mother Earth's Regeneration
Soon a planting celebration

This old world a spinning wheel
Be kind to Earth so it will heal
See the new moon rising
Over the eastern horizon

Subtle Winter Scene

In between the vineyard vines
There is mustard popping up
Brilliant yellow carpet green
My very favorite Winter Scene

Some may say there is no Winter
In Northern California
I know that's just not true
Snowy mountains are my proof

In the valleys near the coast
Winters subtle but its there
Creeks are running grass is green
Its such a lovely Winter Scene

Have a Beaux Arts New Year!

Seek Beauty and Kindness in the New Year – and may Peace be With You!

Beaux Arts Lamps, San Francisco
Beaux Arts in English
Means Fine Art
Which is the best thing
For a Great New Years Start

I've been a Computer Geek
In my long career
But my secret love
Has been Art and Music all these years

"Don't quit your day job "
I was told
I listened (and glad I did)
Cuz life (seems) bought and sold . . .

My joke on "The Man"
Is my "other plan"
Art was always in my Heart
That's how I stuck it to the man!

Have yourself a great year
Filled with Art,
Peace, Love and Good Cheer!

Silent Night, Holy Night

Dar Williams sung about 
A Yule Tide Winter Solstice Dinner
"The Christians and The Pagans"
Its a great song, a real winner

The world is full of contradictions
At least it seems at first
But when you peel away the onion
We all share the same thirst

Peace on Earth to All Good People
Those who Pray for Peace
Those who still believe in magic (Love)
Blessed are those who help The Least

Crown Bouquet

The Crown Bouquet
There is a special place
In heaven for those who love
Their eyes are wide open
To the beauty below and above

There is a special place
In hell for those who hate
Their eyes are closed shut
The dark abyss their fate

Get yourself a Crown Bouquet
Love thy neighbor
And soon you'll experience
What the word human is for


Now you've really gone done it
Keeping my Fall Color Dream alive
Here its almost Christmas
Yet you still survive

You know I'll take it
I'm a kid in disguise
Stay young forever
With eyes opened wide

A rich coppery red
Your color astounds
I'll try to explain it
Very earthy like ground

Red Star Solstice

It's a Red Star Solstice
High atop the Tannenbaum
The earth revolves slowly
A new orbit around

It's nature's way
To end the year
End one cycle now
With Holiday Cheer

A new Star
A new point of view
I'm seeing Winter differently
Than I used to

My eyes are wide open
I'm out on the prowl
With my camera
I might see an owl!

I don't take for granted
My time here on earth
Instead I will celebrate
Each day's great worth

The Solstice Holy Grail

Something profound
Happened this Fall
Caught by surprise
I heard something call

It must be our time
Here on Green Earth
Our days are so numbered
Until our rebirth

This ain't no religion
I'm here to say
Don't live for tomorrow
Live for today

Take in the beauty
Hear the sweet sounds
Play your piano
While you're still around

This Autumn
The colored leaves said to me
Climb that big hill
Ford that cold stream

Now comes the Solstice
And I'm feeling alive
I used to think Winter
Was a time for dying

Just yesterday
I saw new plants growing
Many are sleeping
Soon seeds will be sewing

I saw a bird
Wintering nearby
He flew here from Canada
Where Winter is Wild

What we think is Winter
Is mild for some birds
To them its not chilly
That seems absurd

With Fall crossed to Winter
I'm starting to see
How each day in life
Is a fun mystery

Grab your camera
Get on the trail
Search out new beauty
Your Holy Grail

Nothing is perfect
Nor lasts forever
Search out new scenes
Find something clever

Seasons go fast
Better take care
To capture their beauty
Until they're not there