Love Hath No Bounds

Something cathartic
Has happened to me
It all came about
With Fall Colored Leaves

A feeling of Love
Coursed through my veins
Thankfulness, gratitude
Coursed through my brain

A fitting thing
At this time of year
Love and warmth
Has drowned out my fears

Now I know that
Love Hath No Bounds
Look for it's beauty
It will astound

Hate is so weak
And thin as a veil
Easily unmasked
Always does fail

Like little Davy
Who conquered Goliath
Hate's always conquered
By Love so Reliant

Holistic Yoga Flow

Left side
Right side
Both sides
Don't hide

Art and Science
Truth and Seance
Collective wisdom
Makes for great fun

An open mind
Creative thoughts
Yoga movements
Drop your pretence

Relax, untie
Your twisted knot
Let it flow
Then you'll grow