KRY Radio

I’ll have a series of photographs and maybe songs related to this microphone and or KRY Radio. Stay tuned.

The bottom end
Of your radio dial
The saddest station
K - R - Y

The bad news hits
Shades the light
There are no answers
K - R - Y

Middle of the road
Everything you like
Your home station
K - R - Y

Sounds of the times
Days of your lives
Keep your dial tuned to
K - R - Y

When good news hits
Ascend new heights
Tears of joy
K - R - Y

At the top
Of your radio dial
The happy station
K - R - Y

Tears of Darkness
Tears of Light
Turn your dial to
K - R - Y

Do Nothing Extra

Do nothing extra
There's not enough time
To meticulously toil
Will spoil the wine

Set it then forget it
Don't constantly futz
Perfect is the enemy of good
Don't drive yourself nuts

You get what you give
Sometimes you get more
Do unto others
Its not a hard chore