Echo Reflection

The Surreal 1930’s are back
The Fascism train 
Is rolling again
Just like the 1930's

Its on the wrong track
It will try to come back
But not for long I'm certain

Americas diversity
Will squash this adversity
And beat it to its death

It's happen before
But we slammed the door
With violent uprisings

Echo reflection
Echo reflection
Echo reflection
Echo reflection

It’s quite ironic that some of the best inventions, art and music were created when the world was struggling with a pandemic, political and economic chaos.

The biggest problem today is a lack of critical thinking and common sense judgement. Most of us (myself included) turn to the internet for answers – and they are there – you have to know where and how to look.

America has on occasion slumped towards Fascism and Autocratic power and after reading “The British Are Coming” I was shocked at how baking in slavery to our Constitution, we set ourselves up to continue to use anyone of color as a boogey man.

Luckily, Fascism has only happened seriously in countries like Italy and Germany when their population was in the high 90’s White. In America, the diversity is overwhelming. That will prove to be our insurance policy against fascism.

The liberal leaning news and my favorite podcasters have been using scare tactics regarding the end of democracy and rise of fascism. Its useful if it gets people out to vote. The right will keep stealing whatever they can, but will also get caught and called out for it.

In the 30’s you had radio and newspapers. The internet has caused serious mental health issues bombarding us with scare tactics 24x7x365 and right in our pockets.

I thought “What have been the largest demonstrations in America?” and was surprised to see the George Floyd protests way up there.

That’s when I realized that Trumps failed insurrection and his 30% MAGA followers would never stand a chance against Antifa, BLM and others who make up 70% of Americans.

If you follow history, we’ve been here before. History doesn’t repeat – but it does reflect echos of the past.

Yes, get out and vote. but I expect it will take a lot more than that for the 70% to squash the 30%. I see 30’s and 60’s style peaceful protests and marches coming in the next few years.

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