Disturbance At The Rochester Hotel

She looks out
Her window
He said he'd never go
She in her veil
Wedding day that's
When he went away

Attic above
You can hear her
Running down the stairs
Wind rushes past
Your room window
She is that air

In 1892
They checked in
They were the first guests
Then he left
Her all alone
She never left

The Face of MAGA

Cleanup on Aisle 3
A drunken father peed
Another super fine
MAGA Family

Toothless ignoramus
Trump made em' famous
Drop the bar lower
They're mentally slower

Daughter got knocked up
From a temporary  hookup
With her uncle Jeeter
And his little peter

They're Against abortion
They use no precautions
Make America Grate
With inbred redneck primates

Spill on Aisle 3
Mama done lost her teeth
In a Methamphetamine haze
During Smallmart shopping days

America is dumbing down
Our Country is full of clowns
Rich men are in the honey
From MAGA moron money

The Slider

They're a slider
A Trump Insider
Anal sniffer
Big Boot Licker

Fat Race Bannon
Loosest cannon
Kissing Trump's ring
While pawing his thing

Rotten gall Stone
Kisses Trumps bone
He's a dandy
A closeted pansy

Licks Trump's golf tee
Nonsense speaking
Hair dye leaking

Kraken Lady
Old Slim Shady
Strokes Trumps ego
Her pardon was vetoed

Capitol Stormers
Fuckin Morons
Going to jail
For the King of Fail

MAGA Nation
Mental constipation
Missing front teeth
Trump continues to fleece

The moral is
Careful what you wish
With Donald Trump
You're under the bus

Your breath smells
You'll burn in hell
You are drinking
From a poisoned well

Culvers Gap

Cherry Bitters

Brandi was a fine girl
Who made the sailors merry
But I know a better girl
Her name is Bitters, Cherry

I met her at the cafe
Sipping cappuccino
Unbeknownst to both of us
We both grew up in Reno

After passing pleasantries
The discussion grew quite dark
She said she was not "Of This Earth"
An Orbiting Trailer Park

She said she needed cover
Somewhere she could hide
Just then the door flew open
They said "Your Uber Ride!"

Wise Owls

In the darkness
On a fence
The barn owl 's
Perching intent

Hear his call
Hear leaves rustle
He descends
Hear the tussle

In the morning
Hear the hoot
During the night
Caught his food

He isn't sleeping
Up in that tree
Looking and hooting
So Gent-i-ly

Broken Down

Broken down 
Is the break down
We can't get there
On frozen ground

Let down
Is the low down
Don't fix what's
Spinning round'

Down town
Is not up town
Down beat now
Circle around

Lost and found
A Burial ground
Tires stuck
They're muddy brown

Barking hound
Prom night gown
Old memories
Quite profound

Does astound
Top soil mound
Just a dream
Thoughts abound

Skeleton Gap

Straight on up the hill
Straining engine moans
Shining limestone ridge
Just like human bones

Sunset coming fast
Almost at the top
Engine losing steam
See the pressure drop

It been 13 days
Since I held you tight
Almost at the top
See you tomorrow night

They Only Come Out at Night

They only come out at night
You see them during the day
They haunt their storefront windows
They have so much to say

They watch you as you walk
As you stride past their store
But as soon as it gets dark
They walk out of their door

They speak in lower voices
A language of their own
You will never understand them
From your human zone

They smoke their cigarettes
And sip their cappuccinos
They reminisce about old times
When they were human beings

Sturgeon Moon

She walked in to the party at eight
She was always fashionably late
Some say she rode a broom
During the August Sturgeon Moon

The super moon is on its way
Waxing, putting July at bay
The year moves on its almost fall
The colors turn and that's my call

She practices her skill at riding that broom
Pretty soon the sky will have little room
So many witches and warlocks up there
Flying like bats way up in the air

Its hard to believe August is here. Its a month where we lose 1 hour of daylight time, and its a month before the official start of Autumn. Growing up in Sussex County, NJ, we “closed the pool” not long after Labor Day, so the unofficial start of Fall was September 1.

Here in Orinda, East Bay of San Francisco, Autumn starts maybe mid October, but it seems more like November 1 any more. But I digress.

June and July were more fun than usual. I had a blast with my weed theme. I also listened to old Gene Shepherd WOR radio shows and during twilight I watched the bats fly doing their evening feeding ritual.