Canadian Thistle

Not Canadian Thistle
Above the low Pines Canadian Spruce
Under that Mahogany

Under Mahogany Canadian Thistle
Cerulean Blue and omnipresent

Take some time to paint your forest
Keep these thoughts in your minds eye
Not Canadian Thistle

Transit Transition

Sometimes you drive
Sometimes you can't
Take some time
Sit back, relax

There were the days
There were the times
Time was on your side
Watching the clock

You just woke up
40 short years
Time flies by
Clock doesn't work



I’m More British Than German

I’ve pretty much completed an extensive geneology of my fathers (Holoch) side of the family and Mother’s (East) side of the family. My Father was from Stuttgart and Mother from Torquay by way of London.

In the late 80’s I lived in London SW10 (very quiet and very posh!) for almost 5 months, took trains out to Devon and Cornwall, worked in SOHO, walked through Green and Hyde Park and just felt so at home, it was downright spooky – but in a wonderful way.

That’s not to say I didn’t also feel something from my ghostly ancestors when I visited Stuttgart, Pfullingen and the Schwartzwald. I also felt something when visiting Zurich and Zug, Switzerland which was close to where my Grandma Widmann was from.

Ancestry keeps updating my ethnicity and has it at 70% British. I think I actually have more German family members in Ancestry so its the DNA connection that has the numbers skewed British.

A very interesting thing is how I have equal British and German relatives who immigrated to the US before the American Revolution, and many were in Pennsylvania. I grew up in NJ and went to college in PA, and all of this ties together and makes sense.

When I had that Victorian Ice Train dream two weekends ago, I have to say, it has had a profound affect on me. A few years back I read about The Transit of Venus, which happened in the mid 1700’s a big par was at The Greenwich Observatory. Between that and all science and inventions that happened in the 1700’s and 1800’s, one thing I think is super cool is how on one hand the Victorian Age seems provincial, but when you dig deeper, they were crazy for futuristic things. I used to think this was just (as my British uncle used to say) “Oldie Worldy”, but how that is almost a facade on how progressive and futuristic they were.

I love these little “puzzles” and contradictions in life. Peeling back the layers of an onion leads to new discovery.

Outbound Victoria Station

Sitting here 
On an outbound train
Leaving Victoria
Starting to rain

The long ride home
Over bridge and heath
To see your smile
Tis such a relief


Sparkle Pony

Trojan Horse

Take Time to Heal

Just a very short ditty today.

Synthesizer Chicken Scratch

What would a synthesizer, drum box, dulcimer and mandolin sound like?

Today’s “song” is almost like a jingle or lead in or fade out music for someone’s podcast.

I’m very impressed with the FL Studio Mobile app on Android and the Zoom H1N microphone and digital interface. It’s a serious little home / portable recording setup. It’s kept me from going crazy while I recuperate.

For those on a budget or in a tight spaced apartment or say, camper van, this setup is totally adequate – in fact much better than I had expected.

Victorian Crystal Ice Train

I Came Upon a Midnight Delirium
Victorian era
Deep night opium dream
Curious ice train
Ice cold moonlit scene

Crystal train set
Something from the past
Came to visit me
Came and went so fast

Skeleton train
Bones made of ice
The glistening moon
Made me feel just right


Floating on air
Puffing out mist
Is this
Just a dream?

In my sleep I dreamt I was walking through Green Park in London, and a small Victorian train set toy was floating in the moonlight air and sparkling from the light. When it puffed smoke it was frosty water vapor. The train was all ice and the decoration around each door and window and beam were skeleton bones.

A week ago Thursday, my left knee was replaced. The first 24 hours were pretty easy, the next 48 not so much. I was taking Oxycodone and hated it.

We had a very chilly cold front come in from Alaska and the moon was waxing. I went to sleep looking at the moon and nice clouds nearby, no doubt very icy.

I hate opioids and other downers, but I did get one good thing out of them – a very peaceful dream and this song idea. I do feel sad for anyone addicted to them, heroin or other such hallucinogen.

De Spooktrein

De Spooktrein is a 1939 Dutch black and white comedy / horror movie. Its as campy as many late 30’s films, but seems to have good acting and good cinematography. Its in Dutch with no sub titles as a far as what I could find. Slight version change – where I added few simple mandolin strums:

This is yesterday’s song extended, today ill try a new song with this cool new tiny recording setup.