Power Towers

Up upon the ridge
Two Towers form a bridge
At sunset beautiful
January's not so dull

I'm finding new use
For something so obtuse
Like liking January
Before I liked it nary

Knowledge is the power
In this golden hour
Experience is the key
New meaning comes to me

British Accent

Twenty years ago today
You left this crazy place
Personally I'm doing just fine
America's a sad disgrace

I miss your sense of humor
Your hidden British Accent
After you passed away
Four years till Dad's Descent

The girl from Hele Village
Now part of Torquay
Grandparents were Londoners
During WWII left that place

I hope you're doing well
Wherever you are
If there really is a heaven
I know you're at the bar

I lift my glass to you
On this day in time
No one lives forever
We're all queued up in line

Symbolic Logic

Symbolic Logic
Really means Code
It could be Morse
Which is really quite old

Music is also a Code
Its notes staff and lines
Its been here forever
The beginning of time

Computer programs
Also are Code
With many flavors
COBOL is old

All of these things
I find very nice
I've done all these things
In the time of my life

In Art We Trust

In Art We Trust
It brings us joy
Artists create
While others destroy

You get what you pay for
Is not always true
We get much more from artists
Than vapid corporate tools

In Art We Trust
Artists tell the truth
Politicians tell lies
To get you in the booth

If there was real justice
In this fellaheen world
Artists would rule
Destroyers would eat dirt

Free Speech

My Dear Father you were right
Do unto others as they might
Do unto you
You were right when you said
If you can't say something nice
Keep your lips glued

Just because free speech is a right
Doesn't mean use it to start fights
Free Speech isn't free
Try being gentle and kind
Or listeners will give you no mind
Freedom From Speech is That Key

Metaphorically Speaking

Beyond the land 
Of the Colloquial
Lies Strawberry Fields
For you to see
Speaking Metaphorically

Let's go on a trip
You Can Drive My Car
Step through the gates of time
For you to see
Speaking Metaphorically

It isn't very far
Because time goes so fast
It seems just like Yesterday
For you to see
Speaking Metaphorically

If all the world's a stage
Are we just Puppets on a string?
Whose running the show?
For you to see
Speaking Metaphorically

A Really Big Shoe

Gather round, little darlings
You're too young to know
About Ed Sullivan
And his very fine show

He introduced The Beatles
Of all his guests he would choose
No one else came close
On his "Really Big Shoe"

I was too young to remember
Most of his guests
Except a man spinning plates
On a stick on his chest

Those were the days
The early sixties
I liked the 80's better
When I was in my twenties

Shades of November

High above the telegraph wire
A Winter Moon that does inspire
Familiar, and as I remember
I saw the same thing in November

I never liked January
It always seemed bleak to me
But now I've opened my eyes
To this beautiful new surprise

Every month has it's gems
Just look round the bend
Take your camera and look
Round every cranny and nook

Inner Space Age Rendezvous

I had a rendezvous 
With myself
I took old me
Off the shelf

Old me was young
Let's not split hairs
It really doesn't matter
How we got here

As I was saying
I'm writing new songs
Having the time of my life
Don't get me wrong

I might be old
But that won't stop me
I feel just like a kid
So happy and free

One in Five

The Wonder of Imagination
I've surveyed my scene
Counted my song hive
The songs I'm proud of
Is One in Five

One in Five
That's Twenty Percent
You have to write a lot
To make something decent

Some are decent
Some on the descent
Some are hell bent
Some seem heaven sent