Victorian Crystal Ice Train

I Came Upon a Midnight Delirium
Victorian era
Deep night opium dream
Curious ice train
Ice cold moonlit scene

Crystal train set
Something from the past
Came to visit me
Came and went so fast

Skeleton train
Bones made of ice
The glistening moon
Made me feel just right


Floating on air
Puffing out mist
Is this
Just a dream?

In my sleep I dreamt I was walking through Green Park in London, and a small Victorian train set toy was floating in the moonlight air and sparkling from the light. When it puffed smoke it was frosty water vapor. The train was all ice and the decoration around each door and window and beam were skeleton bones.

A week ago Thursday, my left knee was replaced. The first 24 hours were pretty easy, the next 48 not so much. I was taking Oxycodone and hated it.

We had a very chilly cold front come in from Alaska and the moon was waxing. I went to sleep looking at the moon and nice clouds nearby, no doubt very icy.

I hate opioids and other downers, but I did get one good thing out of them – a very peaceful dream and this song idea. I do feel sad for anyone addicted to them, heroin or other such hallucinogen.

De Spooktrein

De Spooktrein is a 1939 Dutch black and white comedy / horror movie. Its as campy as many late 30’s films, but seems to have good acting and good cinematography. Its in Dutch with no sub titles as a far as what I could find. Slight version change – where I added few simple mandolin strums:

This is yesterday’s song extended, today ill try a new song with this cool new tiny recording setup.

First Android FL Studio Song

FL Studio on a Fire Tablet

My “home studio” fit on the ottoman as I continue to recover from surgery. I played a much simpler dulcimer part than I wrote just to get something recorded quickly.

The Zoom H1N is an awesome digital audio interface with X – Y configured microphones.

I did have to calibrate FL Studio for the latency.

On The Road Again

Seagull M4 Merlin Dulcimer with FL Studio and Zoom H1N

I had my left knee replaced a week ago. All is going as well as hoped for and my physical therapy just started getting serious.

I’m starting to write songs, but “from the couch”. Hey that’s a good name for my next album!

I use FL Studio on an Android tablet – so that’s my DAW, the audio interface plus two mics in X – Y and I can record stereo tracks is the H1N. It works great – a super way to have a decent little digital recording studio.

The Seagull M4 might be the easiest and most fun instrument that I’ve ever played.

You Are My Intended

I had knee replacement surgery so it might be a week or so before I can carry instruments to my studio. I’ll write lyrics. I might even try doing a very simple one Mic / One instrument recording.

If I die before I wake
I want to make
Sure that you know
Since the day we met
My life has been the best

Before we met
I had gone down
I had gone under
My spirit dashed
Twas put usunder

If you search
For your Beshert
You will find it
I sure did
With my intended

You are my Beshert
My intended
Life is funny this way
How it works

Johnny Nosebleed

Bully by day
Baby with big needs
This is the sad story
Of Johnny Nosebleed

Big attention seeker
Poor little Johnny
When he doesn't get it
He cries for his mommy

He has no friends
He can't be one either
Delusions of grandeur
Sad self deceiver

Give poor Johnny
A thirsty crying towel
Like a lonely coyote
Hear his mournful howl

This silly song is dedicated to all rotten bastard pathological narcissists. It’s downright chilling how they can manipulate others and switch from bully to victim in seconds.

I had to make this a joke song because when I think of the control Trump has had with so many in his grip I will never again ask “How did Hitler control a whole country like he did?”.

The same did happen and IS STILL happening in America.

Fight My Lyre

You know it is untrue
You know I have a Lyre
If I could play it for you
Girl, you would perspire

The waiting time is through
Don't wallow in the mire
No try, just do
Come listen to my Lyre

I give you my solemn oath
So you won't take my Lyre
I will only tell the truth
Then I'll set your heart on fyre

… Come on, baby, fight my Lyre
You know you can't resist
You know it's your desire
Come on baby fight my Lyre

Lyre, Lyre

Speak to me
O toothless wonder
What ist doth you say?
Speak the truth
Forsake forsooth
On this your judgement day

Your time has come
It is your turn
Your tongue a stained lyre
You could have healed
Your mortal soul
Now you'll feel hells fire

Dungeon of Ill Conceived Purchases

Trinkets and Tchotchkes
Things of no earthly value
Except for the cameras
Lustful wandering eye

Baubles and bangles
Sad clowns and marionettes
Live in the basement
In the back of my eyes mind

The Heard Merde Conspiracy Theory

I have heard
About the merde
That graced Jack Sparrows bed

The alleged merde
A human turd
Was not from mans best friend

The blonde chanteuse
Had let one loose
The merde heard round the world

The image clear
Her bleach blonde hair
How I'll remember this girl

I find it fitting
Her bed shitting
The best Hollywood can pro deuce

She took a dump
A real rump thump
Doth Thundered from her caboose