Holiday Cheer

For a short while
We will enter a world
Filled with smiles
And children's wide eyes

A time to reflect
On another New Year
A great Autumn Harvest
Followed by Holiday Cheer

Soon we will plan
The upcoming year
But for just a few weeks
Reflect on those you hold dear

Time Traveling

I’m now writing Etudes – or pieces strictly for studying and learning Cello. The chord progression is the open notes of my 5 string Cello – F C G D A

I wrote something close to this – same chords but different order. They will sound similar, but my goal is “study” (Etude), not worrying about writing a new masterpiece – haha

Time traveling
Back Five Centuries
Climbing my family tree
It means so much to me

The haunting pictures
From very long ago
Who look just like
People I know

Then I stumbled upon it
A photograph, those eyes
Who is that person
With my smile?

When I was in Stuttgart and Zurich
And when I lived in London
I felt old souls of relatives
Fathers and Sons

Old American Radio Piano

Radio Station
W. A. I. L.
Voice of The Banshee
And the Hounds of Hell

The old Tack Piano
Hear it's dusty keys plink
Ghostly echoed sound
Makes your heart sink

Old tube radio
Sounds from the past
Old Jazz Crooners
From a 1930's class

Sounds of nostalgia
Hear it's mournful sound
Piano playing by itself
When there's no one around

The Secret Life of Musical Instruments

Player Piano
Musical Instruments
I Like to play
At last count
I'm up to Eight

First there is the Guitar
Six and twelve strings
Write most songs with it
Guitars chime and sing

Then there are the 88's
Keys of ivory and ebony
Notes are lined up in a row
Learning music theory is easy

Next up love the Bass
Sounds down low
Not in your face
Rhythm section flow

Cousin Cello
Like the bass
Goes from low to high
Use a bow with Grace

Mandolin is a strange thing
Doesn't play like guitar
Strings so taut and high strung
Plays bluegrass at the bar

Violin is in your face
Play it way up high
Learn to bow and hold it right
You can make it cry

Then there is the Old Lap Steel
Sliding up and down
Plucking fingers on the strings
Makes a mournful sound

Last there is the Theremin
Strangest of them all
It really is an instrument
Hear it's crazy call

The Vine of Life

A family tree 
Is a vine turned upside down
Blood Red Fruit
From the sky to the ground

Family history
Stories to tell
Relatives you didn't know you had
Now you know them well

Now extend that
To the Family of Man
Six degrees of separation
Everyone is in your clan

New Day Sun

I’ve been playing Cello for 1 1/2 weeks so far. I have my first lesson via Zoom on Monday, and my Niece is my teacher. Pardon the songs lately because I’m a rank beginner, but trying to write songs for Cello is a fabulous exercise. Even though I’m getting older, it’s like the new light of a new day – learning something new makes me feel much younger.

No matter how young or old
You can do whatever you want
If it comes from your soul

If it's from the heart
You will succeed
Jump right in and start

With a song on your lips
And a whistle in the wind
No one can sink your ship

Christmas Bells

Christmas Bells are ringing
Ending this good year
Ushering in new bright hope
Lord, we've had some fears

Family is reuniting
After many years
Let's get the band back together
Toast each other with good cheer

Christmas Bells
Ring out the past
But also ring in the future
The sound of solid brass

Christmas Bells
The sound of time
Sound the song
Of nature's rhyme

The Day Fall Fell

Today was the day Fall Fell
The last leaves of Autumn are on the wing
Cars had Christmas trees on the roof
Soon it will be time to sing (Auld Lang Syne)

Today was the day Fall Fell
The ornaments and lights are going up
Thanksgiving was great fun
Life with you is a Golden Cup

Today was the day Fall Fell
Happy Birthday my Dear
My life is wonderful
With you, and every year

Love For The Fretless

Love for the fretless
Is neither bad nor reckless
If it moves your spirit
When you play you'll hear it

As you gently bow
You will surely know
If it moves your spirit
When you play you'll hear it

You might fiddle around
Then one day go to town
If it moves your spirit
When you play you'll hear it

A Walk in the Park

The more positive I get
The better I feel
When in my youth
That was the real deal

When you were young
You lived for the weekend
Not a care in the world
So much energy to spend

You were oblivious
To the news and world events
You were in your own world
It was heaven sent

When you looked around asking
Where might love be found?
Driven by raw hormonal power
With your head in the clouds

The days grow shorter, alas
Seek out those carefree days
If mind over matter is true
We might revert to younger ways

Take a walk in the park
See the light, not the dark
Remember how youth felt
Try to rekindle that spark