Tin House

Tin whistle
Tin siding
Winds flying

Being resourceful
Being smart
Fittest survive
Because they were smart

We can learn
From history
How they survived
So simply

Bodie Hotel

Come on in 
From the Cold night air
Get a hot meal
Pull up a chair

Rooms for let
By the day
Special rates
For longer stays

There's a bar with
Plenty of drink
That will put you
In the pink

Boones Bones

Harvey Boone’s Store – Bodie, CA. He was a distant cousin of Daniel Boone
The bones of Boone
Still remain
Since 1878
Still in the game

Bones of Boone
Lie up the hill
Cemetery headstone
Gives a chill

Second cousin
Of Daniel Boone
Related to Lincoln
Grocery tycoon

Old Harvey Boone
Opened several stores
Stables and ranches
Businesses galore

He lived a good life
Was an honest man
Lived about the same
As his cousin Dan

Its Easy to Dye

Dyeing is easy
With Diamond Dyes
Please stay awake
Don't close your eyes

She is a sorceress
Nimble and quick
Before you know it
She'll snuff out yer wick

She's a black widow
Starts out real sweet
When she's done
You'll have tags on yer feet

Patina Stories

In the window
Curtain shreds
Decaying time
Old Nail heads

Old wood house
Windswept frame
Many stories
In that grain

Stories told in
Worn out things
Of our life
Patina brings

Someone in The Window

For a minute
I thought I saw a ghost
I was just seeing things
Perhaps a practical joke?

Autumn Leaves, Part One

All of a sudden, the Autumn Leaves appear!

Autumn has to be a synonym for magic. Just when I was ready to proclaim that this year can’t possibly match last, then a tree that was not in the Fall Mood last year leads the way this year. And in a very big way.

Autumn and serendipity seem synonymous. Lets wait and see what magic unfolds.


Bottles for comfort
And relief
Choose the wrong one
And you'll find grief

Bottles blue
For medicine
Bottles brown
To put alcohol in

Bottles green
For cleaning fluid
Bottles clear
For water brewing

Summer Weeds

Summer weeds
Fall into Fall
Fading light
Standing tall

Soon enough
They'll turn to gray
Until next year
They'll go away

Before they go
They'll drop their seed
For next Springs bounty
That we don't need

Bodie and Hawthorne Telephone and Telegraph Company

My favorite house in Bodie, CA – McGath and Cain families lived here.

While our mid September trip to the Eastern Sierra’s did not turn up any great Fall color photos, we visited Bodie, CA and it was way more interesting than I had expected.

I have three books on Bodie now – by Geissinger, Clapp and Furman and Sprague. I highly recommend all three and actually together.

The Sprague book has a reference to the Bodie Telegraph, where in April, 1877, the first telegram was sent to Genoa, Nevada:

“Bodie sends greetings and proclaims to the mining world that her gold mines are the most wonderful yet discovered”.

I still plan on photographing fall colors, but I’m having a wonderful time digging in to Bodies history (bad pun intended).