Fall Colors and Optimism

A Rye Whisky Drink Called The Revolver

The most WordPress site visits I’ve gotten were from last years Fall Colors photos. Its clear to me that people want to see beauty in the world as a respite from the strife and worry. I have just started this years Fall Color Photography Extravaganza. During the Summer I did do a small theme on dried weeds – as I was recovering from knee replacement surgery.

My main goal after that surgery has been to be able to walk miles into places with the best fall colors the West has to offer. Wish me luck!

On another note of optimism, I found this:


I have never heard of these two fellows, and I’m always skeptical at first by anything I find on the internet. However, I do like their thought provoking discussion. Like some of the others who commented, at first I was hoping to hear “everything’s going to be fine”. Some took some of the interviewees thoughts as predictions.

That’s when it occurred to me that while I fully agree with Carl Sagan having worried about the “Dumbing Down of America” (back in the 90’s I believe) and laugh at the movie Idiocracy, I caught myself doing what the lack of critical thinking demands – that you not jump to conclusions or just take sides right away, but that you think a while. Chew on it.

America, as screwed up as it seems really is in the best position that it could be – much better than China or Russia. What’s so scary is that we are all sitting in top of a gold mine but our political discourse and divisiveness acts as if we are sitting on a powder keg.

Which brings me to a clear thought – if name calling and vitriol (certainly including my own) isn’t working, then how can both warring political factions lay down olive branches?

I’m no longer so altruistic to think that our two parties will do this. One very interesting thing happened during the J6 Committee Hearings – I found myself having the utmost respect for Adam Kitzinger, The Lincoln Project and especially Liz Cheney. These are all Regan and Bush people, and I never expected this. But it goes to show that even painful compromise is way better than “a house divided”.

There is a young fellow from Russia who interviews Russians asking what sound like provocative questions. What amazes me is how similar the Russian People are to Americans.

This has led me to believe that our politicians are NOT the answer but are the problem. The 1% are NOT the answer, but the “Common Man” will be the ones who can solve this mess.

Besides political strife we have a planet that requires an “all hands on deck” solution.

Which all if this leads back to you and me.

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