SSL2 vs. UA Volt276

The SSL2 beat the UA Volt276 handily

The SSL is clean, clear and beats the UA Volt 276 by a big margin. The Volt 276 has better ergonomics and is much nicer looking, but it’s all about the sound. In this regard, the SSL2 also beats the MOTU M2 and Focusrite Scarlett – (at least to my ears and when playing back mixes on my cheap cell phone in mono). On good systems, the mix always sounds really great once I know it passes the smell phone test.

I might upgrade to the SSL2+ and then just have one interface that can switch between the Avantone Mixcube and Yamaha HS-5’s.

Check out my last two songs for a full audio comparison. Now my two mics and monitors and interface are all dialed in.

My mixes are light years better. Finally – the techie stuff is out of the way – I know exactly what to do now that I took time to really test stuff.

One last word – the ribbon microphones – for my ears – are the best of all mics. They work in any situation and give the most realistic sound. I can add effects, EQ and basically add the “coloring” later – during the mix. The SSL2 can be cool and crisp or warm and I can control it. There seems to be a lot less noise with the SSL2.

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