Cold Water Creek

The day was dark
Foggy and grey
I felt so empty
I Had nothing to say

Then I remembered
How time moves on
One day "they're" here
Next day they're gone

"They" are the people
You knew in your life
Your two grown children
And your ex wife

Then it hit me
And it rang like a bell
Live in the moment
Live it so well

Life is a stream
That never stops flowing
As long as we live
We are still growing

The water that passed us
Under the bridge
Is farther away
Than the trees on the ridge

The New Year time of the year gets us thinking of the past and the future, and perhaps the present. Its a good time to assess where we have been and where we are going next. Somehow we figure new ways to carry on. Sometimes with excitement sometimes its more like a slog. Sometimes both!

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