San Francisco Harp Player- 1989

I’m starting to scan negatives and slides in other cities – looking for street photography that I did way back in the late 80’s. This was one of the “obvious” photo’s that I did print. Besides seeing a street “busker” playing a harp – which is unusual – even in San Francisco, the dress of both the player and the family all engaged in discussion – except the youngest – is all interesting. In fact, I’m really glad all but the youngest were facing the camera – this way, no one became self conscious. The smile on the player is quite nice as well. Between the players dress and the parents hats – and mothers plaid skirt- there is a sort of “Victorian” feel to this. I would almost guess this family is visiting from the U.K. but I have no idea.

I do remember it was near Union Square and between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The way this family is dressed I would guess they were visitors – perhaps even from Europe – but it does bring back memories when people dressed up when they went to a big city. I remember this growing up near New York City. I think this is fairly rare these days. Anyway – a pretty classic and obvious composition – but I guess I had real guts with my Leica M6. I do know that I tried to look like a tourist, and San Francisco is a very interesting city to photograph in. I loved living there for 10 years – between 1984 – 1994.

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