New Moon Rising

I’m gonna get me
One of them there X100V’s
Go back on the street
Get back on my feet

I reckon it will be soon
Round come the new moon
Many months from June
I’ll sing a new tune

Gonna go back in time
I feel I’m so inclined
To re take what I find
The things I left behind

My recuperation so far has been so much better than last time – and going into it I prepared like an athlete would – who wants to get back in the game again – as soon as possible. I guess this is a great feeling at my age and time in life – but looking back at my 1980’s San Francisco, NYC and Europe photographs has me feeling like a new wind is at my back and I’m hungry to get out and re-take images of the world that seems so long ago. I certainly needed two strong legs – which I haven’t had in about 10 years.

Its hard to imagine that what I did (way) back then was with film – and where I had no idea what the image would look like – and I had to just trust my own skills and intuition – and looking back I did do a lot better than I actually remembered. Knock on wood – but 2023 does look like its starting better off than many years have – and lordy we have been to hell and back – we deserve some good times.

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