Parisian Street Vendor – 1987

Some images I remember clearly, others not so much. When I was in my late 20’s I did not print this. I didn’t think it was exciting enough.

Fast forward 35 years and I now regard this as one of my best, technically and composition wise. On a bright sunny day, nothing is washed out and the mans face isn’t in a dark shadow – in fact, its illuminated by the item he is clearly sorting through.

Besides the iconic hand made wooden street vendor “locker” that at night keeps thieves out, when he opens his stand, it is well stocked and even has an awning.

Lastly, his clothes are from a bygone era – something more from the 40’s than the 80’s. My uncle – who died in the early 2000’s used to dress like that – he was a WWI baby. I’m going to guess that 35 years has added significantly to this image – and that it has aged like fine wine.

Song wise – I’m loving the last one and this one that I’ll call “Grunge Lounge Music”. Its instrumental, has crunching guitars, has a ” heavy sound” and is slow-ish. The cello goes great with the guitar

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