Bend, Oregon, Here We Come!

We finally can move to Bend, Oregon. Its been our dream for 15 years – since the first trip we made shortly after we got married.

Back then, you could not rely on remote work, so in my field (IT), living in the SF Bay Area has been downright fun – and the epicenter of tech (worldwide). No consolation prize here! Now, because what I do (Data Architect / Data Engineer) is in extreme demand, and because of Covid – I no longer am anchored in the SF Bay Area.

Because I grew up on the eastern side of the Appalachian’s and went to college on the west side – and because my parents moved to California half way through college, I was sort of pulled to the West Coast. I actually didn’t want to leave the East Coast, but I did and it was the very best thing that ever happened to me. At age 22 I was Oracles 127th employee. I’ve progressively done more and better since then.

Oregon and specifically Bend lets me go back to those days where I lived outdoors near mountains, 4 seasons, woods, lakes, rivers and streams. REAL FALL COLORS! Snow sports!

We have relatives in Canyonville, Eugene, Portland, Newberg and even Bend (very distant relative).

There is something very soulful about this move. It will happen later this year, but finally, it will happen.

2 Comments on “Bend, Oregon, Here We Come!

    • Yeah – Bend has tons of trails – paved, dirt, gravel, and we know where the good road rides are.


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