Amsterdam Headline – 1989

Amsterdam, 1989

This is the third in a series of photographs I made in Amsterdam in 1989. In this mini series of 3, I have a bike and people where there is a cafe or storefront window with reflections and where the bike is the highlight and the person non-descript. You have to remember, San Francisco was not a serious bike commute city in 1989, so I was mesmerized at how many bicycles plied Amsterdam’s streets.

The song was (again) written first with the cello then I added dulcimer. As much as I wanted to add that third part (I use the drum box as a metronome) I refrained. The dulcimer and mandolin have sounds like a piano, and so I refrained from causing a competing piano sound by adding a piano part.

Headline is a hair salon, and its still in business.

My next Amsterdam series of 3 will have the bike and rider on equal emphasis. I also have a subsequent series of 3 showing 1989 era hipsters in Amsterdam, and its obvious that Amsterdam has been a bohemian hip place for a very long time. In fact, while Paris has always been in the bohemian limelight, I actually think Amsterdam might be the hippest place I’ve ever been.

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