Requiem For a Twin Lens Reflex

The most enjoyable, surreal and dare I say sensuous photographic experience is focusing on a ground glass. Hasselblad and Rolleiflex medium format cameras are awesome and in my mind were the most fun as far as film cameras go. My 35mm Pentax camera was my workhorse, but it was easy to take for granted. My 4×5 camera was interesting but way too much work – but its ground glass was super.

This Yashica A is my wifes old Rollei knock off, but its a nice copy just the same.

For todays song I started with a cool vocal part that is part of my Arturia V Collection 9 that I just upgraded to. I love my Arturia keyboard and vst sounds for Cubase. I added a nice lap steel part and it all went together very well. Its a simple song and I tried to make sure it evokes the feeling I wanted, and it does.

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